Pisces Woman and Gemini Man

Different needs in romance and partnership can be a source of fascinated attraction between Pisces woman and Gemini man. Gemini’s desire for intellectual communication is strong while Pisces wants to connect at an emotional level. Such things can cause plenty of conflicts but usually the submissiveness of the Pisces can help this couple to sustain through rough times.

A Gemini male is quick and alert. He is not the one to hold on to past and seldom waste time on things he find unworthy. One can find him either whistling a happy tune or belting out with a cranky attitude. Gemini man’s cleverness includes an unerring instinct for the expedient. Experimentation is the adrenalin Gemini man needs to keep going. Being in a relationship is just another fun experiment for Gemini man. He loves his independence and nothing can bind him. While at the same time he loves to give freedom to his lady without a single trace of jealousy.

A Pisces woman represents the division of the spiritual and human qualities. She is very cozy and calm individual with all the feminine qualities put graciously throughout her attitude. Pisces woman goes with the flow rather than fight the odds to a better solution, but she sacrifices herself for the sake of her dear ones, hopes and dreams. Being artistically gifted causes the mind of Pisces woman to enter into a dream world where she finds a mental satisfaction above and beyond anything real. She is a great listener to her man and respects him above anything in the world.

Pisces Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

The love match of Pisces woman and Gemini man cannot be called as the perfect one. A Gemini man will be prone to change. His likes will change with the passage of time. What he loves today he may not love tomorrow and it is this negative trait which damages the compatibility. A Piscean woman cherishes someone who cares for her, loves and protects her while the Gemini man has nothing called emotional bonding in his dictionary. On a positive side Pisces woman can use her persuasion power to set things right.

Pisces woman has a way of keeping a submissive attitude in a relationship with her Gemini man. She simply never causes a situation to where her Gemini man needs to maneuver out of. If she wants something he does not approve of she simply obliges him in his company and do as she wishes when he is gone. Gemini man and Pisces woman both respect each other’s individual freedom. This is a very strong advantage in their relationship. Neither is possessive in any way and hardly ever questions the others whereabouts as they scamper off in their own directions. As quickly as he becomes angry, he turns around and displays that sparkle in his eye and his Pisces woman knows it is all okay again.

Gemini man is witty and intellectual and has the ability to maneuver himself out of almost every situation if need be and this makes him so impressive to the Pisces woman. Although he generally is not an affectionate man, he occasionally surprises her and shows that he does indeed understands what she is going through and even perhaps show that affection he is not too keenly used to. Gemini man’s moods change with the wind and he always wants to be the center of attention. His Pisces woman is a wonderful listener and her need to be needed makes her extremely attractive to the Gemini man since she is the one he desperately yearns for. What attracted her to Gemini man in the beginning may not be the qualities that keep the Pisces woman with him. But with a little more faith and courage, she can fill fabulous colors to their relationship.

Water and Air becomes one of the most affectionate bonding once they are truly in love making the Gemini man and Pisces woman realize how much they crave for each other’s presence in their lives. They are both freedom loving and happy enough to fulfill this desire of each other. The Gemini man makes many different plans which are always heard by his Pisces woman patiently and Pisces woman had her own wonderland which is admired by her Gemini man. They are pleased to bask in the sunshine in silvery winters and fly through the spring breeze when they are together. Being submissive in nature the Pisces woman makes her Gemini man to feel complete throughout and being flighty in nature he gives her new wings to discover the world with him and broaden her wonderland with new experiences.

The sexual relationship between the Gemini man and Pisces woman is more than a physical union. They begin to fuse together as one, he becoming more like her and she gaining his qualities more and more each time they make love. Getting closer to each other in this way creates a harmony within themselves that causes Gemini man to become more submissive and gentle like his Pisces woman, whereas she opens up and becomes more alive and vivacious, much like her Gemini man lover. Their chemistry is one that is a silent mystery. There is no need for explanation. They stimulate each other, bringing them closer to a unity that is unbreakable and a greater understanding of the other’s different world. Even in this wonderful world they have created with each other, Gemini man, more than likely, always be one who is restless and curious to the outside world. If he can contain his desire to wander, the result along with Pisces woman’s passion and strong bond they share can be a strong bliss that only grows stronger as time passes by.

The fickle nature of Gemini man grows tired of Pisces woman’s placid ways and it can cause havoc on the unity. She does not argue the point with him though. She simply turns her cold shoulder to him. Gemini man’s sarcasm breaks his Pisces woman’s heart, but it is only temporary. When trouble arises in this Gemini man Pisces woman relationship, Pisces woman obliges to the situation and sacrifices her own for the sake of keeping unity. She can do as she pleases after trouble passes by and if her Gemini man is worth it to her; she continues to let his demands surpass what she truly desires at the moment for overall happiness. She is not slave to him by any means; even though that is the appearance she gives. He has to really be worth her efforts for her to act the part. If he is not, she will go.

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