Pisces Woman and Capricorn Man

Pisces woman and Capricorn man make an extremely lovely pair as she is likely to be drawn to his’s aura of strength and conviction. Capricorn exudes an air of togetherness, and this is very attractive to Pisces, while Capricorn, in turn, is likely to be intrigued with Pisces lover’s kind and hospitable nature.

A Capricorn male is generally conformist thinker who is highly ambitious and self-disciplined. He always prefers a safe game and tried and tested things. Though he may seem to be very unexpressive but he is very kind, gentle, and protective of his family and loved ones. He can be selfish at times especially in his professional life. It is not easy for him to make up his mind for anything quickly whether it is about relationship or any other aspect of life. In a relationship, he expects his lover to be a true lady with elegance and respect for his family.

A Pisces woman is a bright, gentle and poetic lady. She is intelligent but one can often find her swimming in her mind which is full of dreams. She is a very calm individual who keeps away from troubles with her motto, let sleeping dogs lie. She is very set in her ways, and if she believes she is right that is the end of the discussion. She puts of a sense of vulnerability that no man can resist. When in love, this woman believes in complete submission and honors her man above everyone.

Pisces Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

The compatibility of a Pisces woman and a Capricorn man goes on the long way. The relationship flourishes under the cool shed of love and compassion. Pisces woman will never try to reign his kingdom but she will enjoy to be his subject. She is the woman who stands by her soul mate when the world is against him. The relationship shows the highest rate in the compatibility love chart. A Capricorn man with his perfect physique will be able to handle her frangible nature.

A Pisces woman is a very sophisticated and submissive lady, just the way a Capricorn man wants. Through subtle suggestions and consistent persuasion she is able to smooth over the rigid attitude of the Capricorn man. She respects him for his ambition as she herself is not highly ambitious; therefore she respects him for the qualities she lacks. Due to her gentle nature, she is often able to bring him out of despair. She is able to see him through the lonely shell he hides. As her Capricorn male wallows in depression, she grows to love him more. She feels needed by this man which makes her feel confident about herself. She enjoys being able to brighten his day. But sometimes her indecisiveness and dreamy attitude can confuse him and try his patience too.

Capricorn man is typically a stable partner and that is what the Pisces woman wants. He protects and care for her, making her feel more secure and confident in all walk of life. He is a great partner who almost ignores all the negatives of a woman he loves. Though he may not be very expressive verbally but his actions always show Pisces woman, how he feels for her. He always keeps around his Pisces woman and is always ready to fulfill all her needs and dreams. He always admires his Pisces lady for her delicacy and the devotion she pays to him. Making sacrifices and caring deeply is in his nature and he gives it without complaining. But being unexpressive in nature can sometimes upset a fragile heart of Pisces woman as she wants some visible tokens of love and without them she may feel out of place.

The love between the Capricorn man and Pisces woman is synonym to rainbows in the sky, stars shining bright, angels singing softly and breeze blowing fragrantly. It is one of the best experience, they both can even have in life. They not only complement each other but also take good care of each one’s need and make their partner feel complete in their presence. The elegant Pisces female teaches him to be more expressive verbally by showing him her own love and Capricorn male teaches her to become more stable, by holding her hand and giving her the confidence of his support. They both feel loved, cared and admired in each other’s arms with such eternal promises that are to be loved above all the worldly things.

As the earthy Capricorn man and watery Pisces woman move ahead in their physical relation, it makes beautiful oneness where water and earth blend in a very peaceful and soft intimacy. There is a secret silence between during their lovemaking. The silence is the foundation that lovemaking is based on the affection between the two of them. During lovemaking, these two reach a depth that is hard to find with others. He leans over tighter against her, sighing as he feels her warm, soft, feminine body press against his. Making love is an enriching experience for the Pisces woman and Capricorn man. She gives very mellifluous devotion in love making, making her Capricorn male feel admired and loved, and he provides her with passion and strong display of physical love to make her feel secure and cared. If there is ever a problem during lovemaking, both are open and willing to discuss the issue. This helps them solve any problem they have in the bedroom with peace and tranquility. The lovemaking between the two seems almost effortless and fulfilling on all the dimensions. The fact that he doesn’t tries to advance this play anywhere beyond where she is not comfortable, makes her feel happy and satisfied with him.

Pisces woman is very sensitive by nature, while the Capricorn man is often insensitive. This is where these two can have problems and quarrels. At times she is on the cult of soaking, thinking her Capricorn man is the most cold and unsympathetic man she has ever met. With his narrow minded ways of thinking, he can find her to be secretive and emotionally unstable. He may become nervous and resort back to shell, thinking anything he says or does, hurts her. He no longer knows how to open up to her. She can become irritable and indecisive; making him thinks that she is just avoiding the issues at hand. He lacks romance in his life and she is able to provide that for him. They can learn a great deal from one another. If they can learn how to deal with one another’s emotional issues, the two could have a content relationship with one another.

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