Pisces Woman and Cancer Man

The Pisces woman and the Cancer man makes the harmonic connection of Water on both the parts. This is one of the most sympathetic and lovely relationships of all the zodiac signs with least amount of arguments and differences. The Cancer is a true image of empathy while the Pisces is true deity of devotion.

A Cancer male is fully equipped man with hard shell determination to achieve his success which is generally in terms of money. He is gentle and caring and most often very loyal towards all the relationships. Though he suffers from mood swings but his great sense of humor also keeps him in good books of everyone. He loves to get pampered and in a relationship with a Pisces woman he definitely gets spoiled by her constant urge to serve and love him. Issues related to finance has the ability to intrigue him and he finds a lot of joy by saving money instead of spending it.

A Pisces woman is extremely gentle and caring with an appealing feminine grace. She is a wise woman with serene nature who is very helpful and always works to sort out problems of other people. She likes to stay in her dream world and usually have a spiritual connection with her lover. In a relationship with a Cancer she blooms well in his tender care and gentle attitude and provides him with everlasting devotion. Even when she goes through phases of despair and insecurity, she never loses her calmness but cannot tolerate depression for a long period of time.

Pisces Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

A Pisces woman with a Cancer man compliment each other in most ways. The Pisces Woman will attract a Cancer man with her charm and wit. She will give all the comfort and love to the Cancer man and he will also see the Pisces woman as the most dynamic and perfect lady who can add spark in his gloomy life. Their romantic life will be wonderful and they will enjoy every moment whenever they are together. The tie between the two is very strong and intense.

The Pisces woman accurately evaluates the qualities possessed by her Cancer man. She provides him with devotion and care which he craves for deeply and also helps him to become emotionally matured. In any kind of augmenting state, she makes the first move to make any kind of settlement, making him feel needed and valued which in turn is beautifully responded by him. She makes a good home-maker with all the qualities of a lady that are admired by him. She is equally sensitive but sometimes drifts into her own dream world which makes her behave in a detached manner. She never appreciates the possessive streak of the Cancer male. And he might not fully understand her point of view because he cannot draw the line between love and being overtly possessive.

Cancer man is a gentleman who is blessed with the tender hands to hold on to the delicate Pisces lady. His sense of responsibility makes her feel very secure and carefree. The sophisticated sense of humor of Cancer man always makes the pretty Pisces woman smile but his unpredictable nature thoroughly intrigues her. Even though she never asks for his help, he is clever enough to interfere at the right moment in order to keep her well accustomed with the harsh realities of the world and to protect her from getting hurt by others. Though, both of them are bound to display their stubbornness at times, but it brings into line their passions and emotions. He admires her serenity and loves the way she takes care of him and his emotions and in turn showers her with gentle love and strong protection that she longs for.

As the lovely pair of the Cancer man and Pisces woman, hold their hands for the ever-lasting relationship of true love and extreme trust, they make remarkable harmony as a couple. Their eyes always shine with the affection they hold in their hearts for each other and their hearts always beat louder in each other’s presence assuring that their togetherness is no less than a miracle. With the supreme devotion given by her, the insecurities of the Cancer man fades away and he opens up his heart completely to place this lovely lady in it forever with tenderness that is a gift from angels of love. And with this love and security given by him, she responds like a flower to rain with utmost caring smile and loving eyes. Their unison is one of a kind with so much compassion that fills their life with happiness and affection forever.

Both, the Cancer man and the Pisces woman understand the need for a healthy physical relationship because they think it helps them to deal with the difficult phases in life. As they become physically intimate with their Water flowing through each other smoothly, they experience a natural unison of man and woman made by nature itself. The tender touch of Cancer man helps her to bloom up with such passion that she responds even more beautifully than expected by him. The love making of these two is sensuously mild and erotically pleasing and fulfilling for both of them. Usually there are no problems in their physical relationship except for the time when he becomes too cold towards her, and does not make her realize that he loves her truly or when she gives a sarcastic remark during an argument, hurting the sensitive feeling of him. But these problems do not last for a long time, and once all the disagreements are settled, this couple will again start to enjoy being in the relationship.

When Cancer man and Pisces female feel attracted to each other, the relationship seems like a blessing but whenever they go through a rough patch in the relationship then they might feel that they have got trapped in the relationship. Though he admires philosophical insight and healing ability of her but he cannot stand her weak will and tendency to lie and even though she loves the way he guides and rescues her from the cruel world but his offbeat moods and stinginess are unbearable by her. To make this relationship a success, she should try to make him emotionally more mature but she needs to be very careful while she is discussing such delicate issues with him because if she goes overboard then he might get offended. At the same time, he needs to keep a check on the Pisces woman so that she does not drift into her dream world too often and lose touch from the realities of life.

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