Saturn in Pisces

If you have Saturn in Pisces, it may be difficult for you to set boundaries for yourself and others, or to be as disciplined and organized as you want or need to be. Things have a way of getting lost in the shuffle of everyday life and it may be hard for you to keep your touch on the pulse of things around you. Sometimes you just get lost in the fog and can’t see your way clearly. You are intuitive, sympathetic, sensitive, imaginative and self-sacrificing. You are a practical idealist and have a tendency to take life perhaps too seriously.

You may have the sense that your present life’s troubles are due to actions from the past. And this is probably the truth. You must reap what you have sown in previous lives and Saturn comes to exact his payment. Perhaps this is why you tend to feel more sorrow, perhaps, than the usual person. There can be success in working behind the scenes, away from the public eye, perhaps doing research or working in institutions. On the negative side you can be indecisive and moody, with a tendency to react emotionally to negative conditions or people. Depression can set in if success escapes you or if you feel that you have been unfairly treated. You need to develop faith in the future and let go of the past. Dis-identifying from other people’s troubles will allow you to help them in their own sorrows. Teaching what you have learned in your experiences is a fine road to soul growth.

Souls born with Saturn in Pisces have sympathy and compassion for others, but have a hard time being detached and still loving. Because you tend to soak up negativity and react to it emotionally, it would help to learn not to identify so much with other people’s problems. There may be part of your past that haunts you, surfacing as vague uneasiness, depression, or subconscious fears. Try to become more aware of it and to let it go. Your test here is that of severance: letting go, letting the chips fall where they may, and letting God do the work that needs to be done. Saturn returns to each sign once every 29 or 30 years for about a three-year stay. In the last 100 years Saturn was in Pisces from February 1935 to January 1938, from March 1964 to March 1967, and from May 1993 to April 1996.

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