Pluto in Pisces

Being the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces reflects the pinnacle of human consciousness and represents the most sublime aspect of humanity. With Pluto in Pisces the individual works tirelessly to develop the psychic and esoteric aspects of his nature. This is a cosmic or universal energy. If Pluto’s placement in Pisces has dignity, the individual will work towards the good of his fellow man. The reverse leads to self-delusion and fixated religious expression.

Pluto passed through Pisces in 1799 and completed its transition in 1823 during which tremendous cultural and artistic change occurred. Revolutionary artists expressed a departure from old romantic and medieval forms to accelerate a cultural and artistic consciousness. During the forthcoming cycle of Pluto in Pisces between 2042 and 2066, we will see an inconceivable development of the inner faculties of mankind as a whole and the use of telepathy, psychic insights and true spiritual healing.

Underlying this material and unavoidable process of birth, decay and death is the eternal principle of Spirit and self transformation. This process of Time or Pluto gradually unfolds our individual and collective lives for the ultimate improvement of all. May Pluto in his spiritual essence bless us with self awareness and the deeper spiritual gifts of Nature!

Planets in Pisces