Moon in Pisces

If you have the Moon in Pisces, your emotions are expressed sympathetically and compassionately. You are sensitive, kind and gentle, imaginative, shy, tender-hearted, and have an innate understanding of how other people feel and react to situations. It hurts you if another is hurt. Because of your kindness and non-judgmental attitude, people in trouble, pain or confusion come to you hoping to find answers. It is difficult for them to think that you may be in pain yourself, but even if you are, you will do your best to help them or teach them.

You seem to sense that all the pain you have suffered is for a higher purpose, if only to teach others or help show them the way. At times, though, your soft-hearted is taken advantage of and then you feel the need to withdraw, to regain your strength and composure. Music plays an important part in your life and you are instinctively drawn to it. It is as a voice from your spirit’s true home. It helps you to express the emotions within that sometimes are so nebulous or vague that they cannot be put into word. You have a very romantic nature and can fall in love with love.

Sometimes your feelings and fantasies get so carried away that you become overly emotional or sentimental, much to the dismay of those around you. You have your moody spells that people do not know how to deal with. You are not afraid of difficult or hard work and you especially like to work for those less fortunate than yourself. You prefer to work behind the scenes, as you may be easily drained of energy by others. There may be talent in art, dancing or music. Tendencies to daydreaming may need to be controlled.

With Moon in Pisces you’re gentle, compassionate, a dreamer and a visionary, sensitive, intuitive and romantic, and have an impractical approach to life. The world is a sacred place to you, and you have a commitment to a spiritual vision. With this position of the moon there’s a lot of emotional suffering and sacrifice. Because you’re so sensitive, it’s very important that you strengthen and exercise your will and your real need for periodic seclusion. This is in order to better withstand the impact of negative energy from others, and the constant bombardment of impressions from your environment. You love music and the arts, and with your heightened sensitivity to life could do well in them. If the Moon is unafflicted, you’re also poetic and psychic. In a male chart this attracts a sensitive and romantic mate.

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