Jupiter in Pisces

If you have Jupiter in Pisces, your needs for growth and expansion are perhaps best satisfied when you are working to help raise mankind to a higher spiritual level. You recognize that we are all in this together and what is bad for one is bad for all. You are sympathetic, charitable, genial, unassuming, quiet, visionary, intuitive, with a subtle sense of humor. You have an interest in spiritual or metaphysical ideas and issues, but you need to find your own path and experience Truth for yourself.

Periodically retreating from society and the people closest to you is good for your nerves and your own mental health. The strong desire you have to help others comes out in your willingness to help the unfortunate. Perhaps you volunteer in hospitals, jails, or other places of confinement. You give hope to those who need it most. You probably love nature and large animals, especially horses. There may be an interest in healing. On the negative side you may be hypersensitive, over- emotional, too sentimental, have a tendency to exaggerate, or to be too extravagant or self-indulgent.

Your natural empathy and deep understanding of people’s needs characterize you as a Good Samaritan with Jupiter in Pisces. You have great faith in the universe and are open to all forms of spirituality, religion and philosophy, but tend to lack discrimination and consistency in choosing experiences that expand your own understanding. You’re very sensitive, may be interested in mysticism or the occult, and would make a good counselor, psychologist or social worker. Whatever the work, you won’t be satisfied unless there’s emotion or feeling in it.

Planets in Pisces