Pisces in Marriage

When it comes to marriage, I am assuming that the you, the Piscean, have found the right one for you after a certain number of trials and errors. Congratulations! Now you need to learn the ABC’s of married life. And the A is – Always maintain your identity in spite of the marriage. If it’s important for one to maintain his/her identity in a relationship, it’s even more so when it comes to marriage.

There are those who say that after the marriage, there is no place for ‘I’ – the two I’s turn into a ‘WE’. But they are not you; you are you and you know that it is very easy for you to mould into your partner’s personality and become his/her mouthpiece. You can forget your own likes and dislikes to please your partner; and as much as you may seem to be doing all this out of your own free will, it is not good for your mental well-being. Suppressing your ambitions and pleasures is not good after a certain level.

On a lighter note, you are very easy to live with, even with your sometimes unorganizedand untidy way of life. Your partner may accuse you of being too casual about things that ought to be taken seriously, and not be totally wrong. But that’s you – you are not deliberately negligent, you just think there are more important things to do.

When it comes to parenthood, you are not negligent of your duties at all – you make sure you give your kids every opportunity to learn and perform. But you have a way of spoiling your kids – not by giving them to much material stuff and spending too much on them, but by giving them too much love. Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that in your eyes, they can do no wrong. So when they actually do something wrong, like spoiling their grades, may be, then it comes as a rude shock to you. So with time, you need to learn how to teach your child a little self-discipline and the virtues of hardwork and honesty.

Pisces Male as a Husband

Pisces men come in all shapes and sizes but they have one thing in common, they will all have a tale of tragedy to tell you. They are great story-tellers, serious romantics and very difficult to pin down. When you go fishing for a Pisces man, you’ll need sonar equipment and a wet-suit: he is elusive and slippery, and he’ll drive you mad. Truth is very much as he sees it at the time, so don’t expect him to be reliable and consistent. He’s not the most faithful of men, either, but he has a reason: you. You didn’t care enough or you did something that he cannot fully explain, but you caused it. Of course, he has many redeeming qualities: he is deliciously sexy, sloppily sentimental, kind and caring. He needs a woman who will earth him and make sense of his dreams. If that’s you, go to him: you’ll never have a dull day in Neverland.

Pisces Female as a Wife

The man who marries a Pisces woman will feel himself lucky to have won a jackpot. She is feminine and beautiful. She will always look her best at a social gathering. She will never try to dominate her man. She expects her man to protect her from the big, bad world. No one will find her flirting with men at the party. She won’t come across as a strong woman. She doesn’t have lofty ambitions and will gladly give up her career for marriage. She constantly wants affection and care from her man. If a Pisces woman is hurt, she can go into long spells of depression. Her life will revolve around her man. She can get a tad too dependent on her man.

Although a Pisces female will love her children, her man will always be the center of her Universe. She can sacrifice to give the best to her children. She understands the shyness of boys and growing-up issues of girls effortlessly. Disciplining the children is not her cup of tea. She can become over-indulgent with her offsprings.

Pisces Love Compatibility