Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman

Pisces and Sagittarius basically have a healthy relationship in all fields of life. Both are inclined to look for the best in the other, and this ideal strengthens their bond. Though it becomes troublesome sometimes as Sagittarius is frank and direct and their brutal remarks can hurt the fragile emotions of Pisces.

Sagittarius people are quite the independent creatures. They are a social butterfly as well having a plethora of friends and seek a different adventure from day to day. One may be amusing and eccentric while another may be overly curious and serious about life. They hold no punches and what they express is just the natural process that makes up these creatures. They seek out the truth no matter what it takes and lets responsibility fall by the wayside if it gets in the way of this exploration. Sagittarians are the people who love life, good friends, good conversation and what lies ahead, altogether. They are very easy going and extremely adventurous. Though relationship always attracts Sagittarius people but being tied to them is something they find difficult.

Pisces are very gentle and loving souls. They believe in adaptability and flexibility and are ready to make any sacrifices for their dear ones. They are lovely dreamers with their heads in clouds but their feet on ground. But they cannot make their own decisions, especially when pressure is applied. They seem to be pulled in every direction and tend to take advice from anyone and everyone who offers it. Pisces are also quite whimsical and keep on jumping from choice to choice or idea to idea. As a result, they often have trouble trying to figure things out but they are warmly tolerant and never become judgmental in any situation. Let them live their lives as they can and one can see a charm and charisma they possess and a laid back attitude in that nothing really bothers them.

Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

At its best, Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility may result in a rather lovely blending of two worlds, and each partner will help the other to feel at ease in the world which is strange to them: Pisces in reality, and Sagittarius in dreams. The couple will have to live through rather a lot of frustration in order to reach that ideal point, though. It’s not easy for this partnership to propel themselves forwards, because of their very different ways of handling a problem. The Sagittarian Adventurer is always direct and to the point, whereas Pisces the Dreamer can be evasive, hiding from the truth and trying to pretend it’s not happening. Pisces will find Sagittarius’ forthright attitude quite alarming; Sagittarius will be infuriated by the avoidance techniques of Pisces. Love compatibility demands a certain give and take in the way a couple handles their difficulties, which this combination really doesn’t have.

Controversy arises between Pisces and Sagittarius when the former throws their truthful yet harsh words towards the Pisces. They cannot stand how Pisces can sit there and ignore the facts when they are presented. They cannot stand that Pisces tends to bend themselves around such facts to make the situation seemingly better for them. Facts are facts to Sagittarius, and anything other than that irritates them to no end. However, if they try, Pisces can learn from the Sagittarius and see the light of the truth and learn to deal with it instead of running away from it. Sagittarius can learn from Pisces in calming their words down to a softer, more subtle and much less harsh tone. Pisces admires the idealistic ways of the Sagittarius and are deeply touched by the way the latter portrays such ideas. When Sagittarius takes these qualities to a higher level, the outcome tends to become highly unique.

Rather than trying to grab hold and pull each other out of their comfortable lifestyles, they would be better off going and doing what they want and do best; then bringing a piece of that world back to their companion to show them that it is indeed real and it may not be a bad experience or place to discover from time to time. They do no good for each other if they try to shut the other one down. Their best bet is to let them live their lives the way they want to, occasionally returning to each other to give a synopsis of how things went. It is the best way for their any relationship to work.

The relationship, these two share can be pretty interesting on all levels, whether they are friends or colleagues or they are siblings belonging to same brought up conditions or lovers just discovering each other. They can always see their differences and can appreciate them in each other. In family relations and relatives, they are not much to see each other as Sagittarius keeps on moving around and hardly shows any interest in tugging in with old people. As parents, it is better to have Pisces parents and Sagittarius children as Pisces are over devoted and concerned. But talking about business venture, it is better they keep away as Sagittarius is easy-going while Pisces is indecisive and together they cannot go well with financial dealings.

Sagittarius should learn that throwing harsh words towards the Pisces is only going to hurt them and Pisces should know that bending the truth to make a situation seem better only infuriate the Sagittarius causing argument and controversy. Accusations fly and Sagittarius thinks of Pisces as a liar when in fact ‘bending the truth’ is not the same thing at all. On the upside of things, they share an interest and a fascination with faith and spirituality. Although Sagittarius finds their inner truth on this level and Pisces feels the strength from it, they share in the discoveries together. If these two can concentrate on the positive and simplicities of their qualities and not so much on what makes them different from each other, their relationship may possibly work, but it takes some effort on both the sides.

Marriage Between Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman

Marriage between a Sagittarius woman and Pisces man is quite an interesting association. Their relationship flows through different stages. One day they are intense loves and then they separate and then one day they start dating and then they become friends again. Their love is different and they enjoy different phases of marriage when they are unconditionally in love.

They both are very different from each other. She is full of life and straightforward. She makes sure that she is always there with her man, helping him take decision and plan his actions. She enjoys the attention and trust her man instills in her. She doesn’t appreciate his Pisces man’s nature of trusting anyone and everyone. And he doesn’t like his woman making harsh comments as they are really painful. But they both adore each other and are there for one another as a big support. They have the ability to beautify their marriage with lots of love.

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