Pisces Man and Libra Woman

This is one of the combinations of signs that require a fair share of adjustment, simply because their natures are quite different. However, both of them are gentle, caring folk and these qualities certainly give all their relations a boost. They are generally willing to adjust and accommodate, and make the best possible of everything.

Libra are warm, calming and serene in nature with a smile that melts most people. Librans are no less than a charmer who can get miracles done just with their divine smile. When upbeat, they are stimulated, energetic and good conversationalists. They have the basic instinct of tactfulness and clarity of thoughts, perfectly blended with their fascination and tenderness. Librans love to spread their love for the arts, especially when the arts are created by them. They crave to settle down with a partner and create a life that is well balanced and stable. They never take anything for granted nor are they hasty in their decision making. If Libra are left alone for long, a form of depression takes over their normally kind and cheerful existence and they may become dull.

Pisces are gentle and mild creature with unlimited dreams and sacrificing spirit for their dear ones. They are also indecisive and they portray a meekness and submission to others. They are extraordinarily sensitive and depend on their dreams and intuitions to deal with their personal life. Pisces people are not the type to settle down. They much rather keep their head in the clouds as they jump from one idea to the other. They love their independence and stop at nothing to get away from the person who tries to stifle that. If, by chance, someone is able to break the Pisces barriers and is able to delve deeper into their soul, they find real dreams harbored within the Pisces. These dreams tend to land on a much higher level than most peoples dreams.

Pisces Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

However, at the heart of this relationship lies a shared kindness and a pair of good, true, decent and loving hearts. Although Pisces and Libra compatibility may suffer during a crisis, there is a spiritual link between the two which can over-ride the difficulties. Where true love is present, both of these eternally romantic people will do their very best to salvage what they have together, and that kind of shared commitment to each other cannot be underestimated. It might drift along somewhat aimlessly at times, and at other times the couple might circle one another warily, neither really providing what the other needs, but there is a certain kind of magic here when it works well, and that can often be enough.

Pisces and Libra are both puzzled by one another. Neither can understand the other’s attitude and character. This relationship would have never even begun if it weren’t for outside stimulus such as a family member, friend, common neighborhood or event that brings these two together. They are not initially attracted to one another, but once fate steps in and pushes them together, the differences in their personalities intrigue one another enough to keep it going down the same path that fate had started them on. They discover one another and become captivated by each other. This helps to lead them down the path to a strong relationship in almost all the cases. Libra may tend to take advantage of the situation whether it is intentionally or subconsciously.

This is a huge benefit for Libra and increases their happiness as well as their protection over their partner. Pisces has a tendency to use religion in debating with Libra, while Libra generally can debate on almost everything. Libra’s sense of management comes into play here as they realize how passive the Pisces can be. It has many positives and negatives pertaining to many reasons why the two should have a quarrel. As Pisces uses the pros and cons of their religious view points, Libra go from one side to the other as they sort out the differences and reasoning why or why not Pisces may make a valid point. Pisces helps Libra in their decision making, causing a more stable and harmonious bond between them. The bond formed between Pisces and Libra is one of stability and a calming nature. Their soothing words between each other along with Libra’s leadership and protection and Pisces ability to help Libra with their decision making will help them reach their goals and dreams together.

Pisces and Libra are very different from each other and so they usually avoid direct contact with each other in most of the relationship except the ones which include parenthood and spouse. As siblings they try to be on their individual ways without disturbing each other much but they are always helpful to one another whenever needed. As friends and colleagues they usually have a better than formal relations and nothing much to share except for a debate at times. Relatives are a distant part for them to be mentioned as they possible can find nothing in common in the beginning of any gathering which can bring them close. Pisces and Libra are not too much in business association also and they should be not as none of them is very careful about money moreover they have different interests to pursue. As spouses and lovers it is wonderful for a Libra woman to have a Pisces man but the same is not very true for vice-versa as flighty attitude of Libra man can develop some insecurities in Pisces woman. In parents and children relation, it is better to have Pisces parents to Libra children as they are more devoted and sacrificing then the Librans. In all, they can always have some great amities but it generally flourishes only with high level of devotion and love.

Whenever they are quarreling, Pisces and Libra are better off using their finer qualities in resolving such disputes. While Libra approaches relationship problems with an intellectual and reasonable attitude, Pisces instinctively respond to problems emotionally. If grudges are held, nothing is resolved. Pisces should give Libra a good dose of their compassion and Libra should add one of their radiant smiles. Although, they probably find that adjustments are necessary rather frequently, love and understanding can certainly make whatever their relationship is to work effectively. This capped off with a bit of humor dissolves any quarrels they may have between each other and allow them to pick up, dust off and continue down the path that fate put them on.

Marriage Between Pisces Man and Libra Woman

Libra woman and Pisces man have the potential to make it a beautiful marriage. She wins the attention of her man with her charm and charisma. He helplessly falls for her beauty. She is an amazing partner and a great companion. She trusts her man. She teaches him to be more practical. She adds so much fun and interest to every conversation they have. She knows how to deal with mood changes of her Pisces man. She understands him and knows how she needs to calm him down or make him feel comfortable. She supports him in every venture of life by supporting him to achieve his goals. He is also a compassionate partner to her.

When they are not together, they miss each other badly. And when they are together, they hold on each other very tightly. He is able to help his lady in making decisions which is always her weak area. He supports her and helps her whenever she needs him. Their marriage is a divine blend of intimacy and emotions. She keeps making efforts to create equilibrium in the relationship by balancing his dream world with her practical world. They both motivate each other in becoming more mature and better persons. He learns to be more practical and she learns to give up her dominating side. When they are able to build a strong understanding, their love dominates their relationship thereby filling their lives with the melody of love which lasts for life.

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