Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman

The relationship of Pisces and Capricorn is generally a good one with mutual admiration for the partner. Pisces is always very impressed with Capricorn’s aura of strength and conviction while Capricorn appreciates the adaptability of Pisces.

Capricorns are strong individual with stability and sensibility in everything they perform. They always choose the sure thing over anything remotely risky or adventurous almost every time. Their lives are orderly and tidy, their decisions are well thought out and once that decision is made it is as concrete as the road they travel. They are quite ambitious and self-esteem plays a very important role in their life. Capricorns enjoy climbing the social ladder which allows them to feel important. Appearance wise, they seem to be drawn back and introverted, but they are merely contemplating the road that lies ahead of them. They always long for admiration and acceptance. The people closest to Capricorn are loved and immensely treasured as deep inside they are very gentle and tender.

Pisces are very gentle and loving souls. They believe in adaptability and flexibility and are ready to make any sacrifices for their dear ones. They tend to be easily influenced by others. Their overly emotional and sensitive nature gets in their way of the decision making process and they tend to jump into trusting others. But when their freedom is smothered, they feel nervous and restless, and begin to slip and slide. They often have trouble trying to figure things out but they are warmly tolerant and never become judgmental in any situation. They prefer dealing with situations that leave a lot of room for moving around in whatever direction they so choose to go. They always honor the people around them and have respect for their loved ones that makes them so adorable.

Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

When it does work well, this relationship will be calm and relatively tranquil, as Capricorn soaks up some of that emotional intensity. When in love, this couple will nurture one another and create a beautifully furnished home. It’s not the most instinctive match however, and Capricorn’s tendency to become depressed can be dangerous when mixed with Pisces’ escapism – alcohol or drugs can be especially damaging to this couple. For Pisces, star sign compatibility is a safer bet with a slightly more upbeat and optimistic sign than Capricorn.

The air between Pisces and Capricorn is one of warmth, comfort, serenity, and an almost light floating feeling that is created. In a lot of cases, the like-mindedness between two people brings them together. However, in this case, it is their differences. Pisces dreamy nature fascinates the Capricorn and gives them a sense of being free. Capricorn, on the other hand, gives Pisces a place to feel comfort and serenity they so often crave out of life. The indecisive and wandering Pisces finds a focal point with Capricorn and the latter sees an inspiration and amazingly imaginative lover in Pisces. They both are so amazed at what makes the other one tick that they become captivated by each other, resulting in a rare and very natural connection. They let a lot of differences pass by and they easily learn to deal with it as they strengthen their bond together.

They get along so well in most areas because they think so much alike that the possibility of disagreement is almost nonexistent. This leaves no room for argument. Compromise and cooperation are rarely needed. The few times there is disagreement, it would not take much at all for the Pisces to lovingly convince Capricorn’s strong mind to agree with them. Patience is one of Pisces finest virtues and holds true in such situations. They also have sensibility on their side. Any lashing they may have to take from Capricorn is easily appeased as they don’t let things get to them. This, in turn, impresses Capricorn and helps in calming the battle at hand. Perhaps, Capricorn wins one over on Pisces as they help Pisces figure out their jumbled thoughts on the matter at hand and show them they should think more like Capricorn has.

In almost all kinds of relationship, these two tune in well. They are always great friends, siblings and lovers. They also make great parents; especially Pisces parents support their Capricorn children and appreciate their intellect in all possible ways. Their business venture can also run great if Pisces becomes a bit more realistic and stable. All in all, these two are always best friends regardless of the nature of their relationship because, despite their few differences, they are more alike than they are different.

On the faulty side of things, Capricorn’s grounded and well thought out decision making clashes with Pisces and their extreme inability to make any decisions at all. This causes irritability in the Capricorn that they need to work out if they want to avoid argument. If dominance is formed, it is within the Capricorn, leaving Pisces in the shadows. The Pisces are left to feel alone and vulnerable and they eventually lose sight of who they are resulting in retaliation away from the relationship. Capricorns have their neat and tidy lives and Pisces are not so orderly. Capricorns like to build on their monetary investments on the other hand Pisces finds fulfillment in a more short lived incentive. Together, they are very good at developing a nice and even flowing relationship with a few adjustments and patience.

Marriage Between Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman

Marriage between a Pisces man and Capricorn woman brings stability to their relation, something which is the most essential thing for her. She adores her man and respects him the most. She trusts him and gives him all the freedom he wants. She listens to his dreams and supports him in fulfilling them. Whenever he fails or falls down, she is always there to help him stand again and begin the fight. She loves the fact that he always keeps his promises and admires his flexibility. She is truly a great support for him.

He is the in-charge of filling their marriage with lots of romance. He loves his lady and loves to shower her with his gifts of love. He always listens to her advice with patience. He is ready to make adjustments and compromises to make her feel comfortable in marriage. He never lets his ego come between him and her. Their bond of love is truly effortless and blessed. The duo doesn’t need to make any kind of extra efforts to make their marriage work as there is a beautiful understanding which keeps them going. They are able to face difficult times with maturity and stability. Their love is their strength and hope.

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