Pisces Woman in Love

The ocean-sized eyes of Pisces girl let you know this is no ordinary woman. Often watery, and quick to brim with tears or twinkle with joy, they don’t let the Fish miss anything. A kind, sincere heart is a real draw to her. The shy and considerate romantic Fish girl loves the idea of being in love – at least, in theory. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy, most Pisces girls prefer to be swept off their feet by romance. Glamorous and intuitive Pisces also rules the imagination, and that is why Pisces girls have their unique way of making everything feel tinged with magic and fantasy.

Their intense creativity, desire to make the world a better place, and love for all creatures makes them a total catch. Gentle, nurturing and sensitive, they form reliable and ardent lovers. However, they get disillusioned quickly, which may lead them to the famous Pisces escapism. These girls may also be drawn to most unlikely of the people, including tortured souls and people with a dark side. Unfortunately, this vulnerability may make them victims of betrayal and deception. Once she lets her guard down, she is also liable to be treated as a doormat, given her submissive nature.

Pisces Woman in Love & Relationships

For the man who retains a traditional image of what women should be like, the Pisces woman will often give him what he is looking for - gentleness, compassion and other qualities traditionally regarded as feminine. If the man is insecure about his masculinity this will help him feel more content, but if he relies on her for this kind of contentment he will end up disappointed.

If you feel the Pisces woman you love is something of a mystery, then it may be because she has a problem firmly rooting herself in this world as it is, and you, being part of that world, are left wondering if she really sees you as you are. If you find yourself in a situation in which compassionate support will be welcome, she will, if you are fortunate, attend to you with great empathy. But she could fall into moodiness because you are less able to offer the support she feels she needs. The great dilemma for a Pisces woman is that she doesn’t quite live in the real world, which is fine if she has a mature spirituality that can see beyond the mundane world at the same time as bringing her awareness down to enrich it, but is a liability if she is lost in dreamy fantasy and unable to come back to earth, leaving her like a victim needing your support, both practical and emotional, just to live from day to day.

To write of "your" Pisces woman is probably inappropriate - she will never belong wholly to you. That does not necessarily mean infidelity. The feeling realm, in comparison with the mental or rational, is less aware of boundaries, so although she may love you and be devoted to you she does need to perceive you as having a place in a kind of mythic or fairy-tale scenario, so if you can romanticise her with poetry, music and flowers that will help you to maintain a special place in her life. Even if she is an ardent feminist there will be something of the fairy-tale princess in her - but don’t tell her that, just act accordingly.

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