Pisces Love Match

At once two planets patronize the Pisces: Saturn and Neptune. Being in the power of the water element, the representatives of this sign have a calm, balanced character and tend to fall into a melancholic state from time to time. Their uniform impermanence is reflected in the frequent change of behavior, thinking and social circle. The inner softness and sensitivity of Pisces sometimes makes them prone to other people’s influences and manipulations.

In their personal lives, Pisces is often alone, because they can not find the ideal partner. But if they fall in love, they love selflessly and sincerely, giving themselves completely to romantic relationships. In bed, they are skillful, passionate lovers, but behave in a non-initiative way, although responsive. In their relations with them, it’s better not to rush things and wait patiently until they go to a meeting. If Pisces do not want a relationship, then no riches of the world will change this decision, as they are practically indifferent to material goods.

Ideal couple for a Pisces man

Men of this sign are very charming and romantic, and also have a good sense of tact and kindness. In the beloved, they seek the same qualities, and also appreciate justice, sincerity and femininity. If you want to connect your life with Pisces, you need to remember the vulnerability and vulnerability of this sign, to behave delicate, so as not to offend your beloved man with a sharp word spoken in your hearts.

The man-Pisces needs constant approval from the partner: inspired by her, he is able to perform knightly deeds. Pisces is important for a woman to accept their dreams and ideals, because the partner often has to adapt to them, partially changing their outlook. The ideal couple for the Pisces male will be a woman who does not criticize, refrains from harsh statements, renders moral support and often praises. If the representative of this sign strongly falls in love, then he is able to sacrifice for the sake of his beloved anything.

Ideal couple for a Pisces woman

The woman-Pisces is a subtle and sensual nature and therefore prefers men who are powerful and purposeful. Social status and financial position, as a rule, do not matter to Pisces, because they choose their partner, relying on their intuition. Despite the external weakness, Pisces are windy individuals and are often the initiators of a break in communication with a partner, when in relationships life evicts romance. To keep her close, a man must constantly surprise, supporting the heat of passion. As soon as the relationship turns cold, the Pisces immediately lose interest.

The woman-Pisces is dreamy and constantly hovers in the clouds. Because of her naivete, she sometimes looks like a small child. A couple for a Pisces woman is better than a man who will give her the feeling of a fairy tale and support her faith in miracles. Such a partner will undoubtedly become her favorite for a long time, and maybe for the rest of her life. Pisces, who will feel protected next to the partner, will be more than rewarded. With a suitable man, they become perfect mothers and devoted wives.

Best Love Match for Pisces

Cancer: The best match for Pisces will be a gentle and caring Cancer: they will form a strong alliance, as for both, the value in the partner is caring, sincerity of feelings and tenderness. Thanks to the similar characters and characteristics, these signs create long-lasting, happy marriages. They easily find a common language, they are able to avoid sharp angles in relationships and to be a reliable support for each other. The subtle inner organization of both allows you to feel the partner and timely recognize his most cherished desires. This quality plays an important role in the sexual aspect, positively influencing the intimate relations in the pair.

Scorpio: These two zodiac signs are perfect for each other. Tender, timid Pisces and passionate, energetic Scorpio perfectly complement each other, making up one harmonious whole. In most cases, such couples are doomed to a long and happy family life. Affordable Pisces completely satisfies Scorpio’s need for power and leadership. A strong and controlling Scorpio gives the infantile Pisces a protection, a strong shoulder and a sense of security. Their relationship is very bright, passionate and are the subject of envy of others. Scorpio owner often arranges scenes of jealousy of Pisces, which only strengthens their union, as Pisces only flatter and proves its value and significance for the partner.

Capricorn: This pair has every chance of a stable future. The Pisces feels protected next to a purposeful and hardworking Capricorn. Between them there will never be a struggle for power and primacy, all the roles are painted from the very beginning: scrupulous Capricorn sets goals and makes decisions, and dreamy Pisces trustfully follows their partner. Despite the secrecy and taciturnity of Capricorn, Pisces knows how to be with him on the same wave, thanks to a finely developed intuition. Also Pisces has the ability to periodically shake and revive a serious Capricorn, using as a weapon tenderness and affection.

Worst Love Match for Pisces

Libra: A person born under the sign of Libra, strives for a stable life, confidence in the future and therefore conducts an active social activity. Passive Pisces can not support a partner in his aspirations, become a reliable friend and companion, and therefore become uninteresting with him in time. Mysteriousness and subtle soul organization Pisces draws Libra only at the beginning of the relationship. But when the bouquet-candy period ends and the passions subside, the rationally thinking Libra out of the relationship. Both signs badly cope with life’s troubles and therefore can not provide each other with proper support and understanding.

Gemini: Relations in such a pair resemble a ball game, where both partners try to get rid of responsibility, throwing it to each other. The twilitiness and frivolity of Gemini creates the discomfort of a timid Pisces who needs a partner with a strong character and feeling like a stone wall. At the same time, Gemini can not accept the emotional instability of Pisces and her periodic mental suffering. None of them wants to get up at the helm of the boat in which both are, and therefore a ship without a captain will sink or crash against the rocks.

Sagittarius: Such tandems are doomed to failure: Sagittarius is active and frivolous, he craves adventures and travel, he has no time to nurse. While the dreamy Pisces craves devotional attention and care. Sagittarius is a sign of fire, it needs movements towards self-improvement and self-realization. Pisces want to be in peace and tranquility, dreaming about the cherished and preferably lying down. Signs, so different in energy and characters, are unlikely to be able to build a successful relationship. For Sagittarius, the value is society and its recognition, individual persons have little interest in it. Whereas Pisces wants to be the center of the universe for his partner.

Love and relationship between Pisces

If two Pisces have come together, you can be sure that there is true love between them, because the feelings represent the highest value for this sign of the Zodiac. Such an alliance is very strong, thanks to the mutual ability to forget the bad and give the partner strong emotional support. They have a lot in common, which makes them understandable for each other. But at the same time, there are minuses in such relations: both partners of this sign of the zodiac live in illusions and are very lazy. Avoiding problems and the tendency to neuroticize one of the couple — is half bad, since the second party to the relationship can maintain a balance. But if both fall into melancholy, then such a union is likely to disintegrate, because each of them will close and will only think about themselves.

Why Opposites Attract

For the Pisces, the opposite of the zodiacal circle is the sign of the Virgin. They are different, as a plus and a minus, as the south and north, but appearing in one space, rush to each other to meet. And the wiser and more experienced people in such a pair, the more likely to create a strong relationship. Different elements assume different characters, values and goals. The success of such a union directly depends on the partners’ desire to work on themselves, to compromise and the ability to create successful combinations of the personal qualities of both signs. Having learned to appreciate each other and respect the excellent characteristics of a partner, representatives of these signs can create a strong pair and achieve good results in the material sphere.

Strained relations

Tense relations await the Pisces with Aries, because the inner world has value for the first, and the second at this time actively overcomes vital realities. The sensuality of Pisces is completely unfamiliar to the thick-skinned Aries, therefore they seldom happen on one emotional wave. And if the horned sign at least occasionally allowed himself to show more feelings and look deeper into the eyes of the Pisces, then something could come of it. The same applies to the Pisces-Taurus couple. For the Pisces, a reliable Taurus is, in fact, a suitable sign, since it has a strong character and can be an excellent support for it. But emotional coldness and closeness will bring suffering to the Pisces, which dreams of the warm care and attention of the partner.

Also, Pisces and Aquarius are in for a difficult relationship. Aquarius is familiar with non-standard thinking, when Pisces in life is more than usual. However, they could find a common language on the basis of the qualities inherent in them both: friendliness and the desire to help another. But the union between the Pisces and the Lion is possible only if the dreamy and passive Pisces is a woman, and Leo is a man pretending to lead in a relationship. In a pair where everything is the opposite, not every man can withstand the domineering character of the partner, unless he is a kind infantile.

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