Pisces October 2021 Horoscope

Your mind is wandering, you are carried away by your dreams. At the beginning of the month, the notion of lightness reflects your personality. Around October 10th, transformations are felt. Nebulous love situations clear up, you no longer swim in troubled waters, decisions are frank, you make choices, you decide.

Around October 21st, family concerns take over your daily life, you control your emotions, you do not go headlong, you quickly seek solutions. Rather than rehearsing in front of the television, you prefer to spend your evenings enjoying your friends, you organize festive meals. This month your friends and family are part of your comforting bubble.

Love in General:
If lately romantic relationships have been complicated, you make up for it by taking some risks. You are under the protection of the planets, your actions are protected, you do not fear much. The opportunity to get down to business is present. Around October 15th you could make a radical decision. You receive proof of love that hadn't expected.

In a relationship:
As a couple you manage to free yourself from certain constraints. Your partner appreciates your new way of thinking even if they do not quite agree with your choices. To overcome a disagreement you find common ground. From October 17th, calm returns, your relationship finds its colors. The atmosphere is sweet.

For you, nothing is pressing, you make the choice to take your time if you are looking for a soul mate. It may well be that an unforeseen situation will disrupt your plans. Love has decided to visit you. This period is positive, you build links, the exchanges are fluid, it pleases you.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The decisions you make take you to new situations. Do not lose sight of the goals you have set yourself, move at your own pace. Spoiling the people you love is good, do not forget about it.

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