Pisces May 2021 Horoscope

Important relationship and family or residential affairs! You are monopolized until the 20th by the others but the influxes of Taurus serve your relationship harmoniously. Your interests are many, you move easily and for a good cause.

Mars, well connected to your sign, ensures you a powerful punch and an excellent creative or emotional dynamism! In Aquarius, Saturn and Jupiter until the 13th, you are preparing for major changes to come, two last decans, or you will find people from the past, or both! Jupiter arrives in your sign on the 14th, which means a great joy of living for you! From the 21st, the energies of Gemini are released in your area attached to your home and your family, some tensions or disagreements are not excluded: let the storm pass!

Love in General:
The planet of desire is very favorable to you throughout the month. Mars, in the sign of water, endows you with an intuitive sensuality, you will make sparks! Until the 20th, your emotional sphere is doing well, you please, you seduce, you love. Beyond that, the aerial climate of the influxes of Gemini could make you feel nostalgic, venial sin!

In a relationship:
A nice month is coming for your love life. You appreciate the romantic atmosphere, and that's exactly what Mars offers you. For you, tender relations with your half, your exchanges are affectionate, thanks to Venus until the 10th, as well as a very protected morale favoring your complicity. After the 21st, let it go, let it be.

Plan some trips or outings, preferably fun and cultural, a person to your liking is certainly waiting for you! From the 14th Jupiter on your Sun, first decan, boosts your charisma and your self-confidence. Mars supports your sentimental steps, believe it, the sky favors you!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This month is interesting in many ways for your sign. Do not worry if some residential or family readjustments appear after the 21st, your intuitive flair and benevolence will overcome it. A pretty sentimental period for the whole sign!

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