Pisces March 2021 Horoscope

Highlight your personality and focus on your wealth! A planetary cluster in your sign of the Sun until the 20th, Mercury from the 16th to the 31st, Venus until the 21st and Neptune throughout the month, boosts your charisma, your beauty, and your picturesque and atypical personality! Mars square to your sign titillates your family relationships and home life, keep your cool.

Mercury in Aquarius until the 15th, accompanied by Jupiter and Saturn, invites you to a preparatory introspection for great achievements, you gain in pragmatism! Your friends are important, Pluto does the sorting and leaves you only the quintessential friendships, last decan while Uranus brings new things! From the 21st, the Sun and Venus in Aries illuminate your sector related to your money, a raise or a gift?

Love in General:
You radiate love until the 21st and your intimate, hyper emotional personality is doing very well! Sweetness, tenderness, empathy, you embody these qualities and your presence is soothing. Mars in Gemini in disharmony to your sign announces a fluctuation of your desires. Then from the 21st, a fiery climate jostles you a little but you adapt so well!

In a relationship:
Your married life is announced under beautiful auspices, complicity and mutual sensuality until the 20th, leave family aside a little and refocus on your love, your feelings and what is essential! After the 21st, give yourself gifts or save money for a project that is important to you!

Your external light could be worth many tributes to you, without forgetting your ease of communication especially after the 16th and Uranus, in beautiful aspect, could favor a meeting as unexpected as original. You will need to watch you dynamism a bit but the eagerness will serve you. You know how to swim, it's up to you to play!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This month gives pride of place to your personality, enjoy! Projects in preparation are busy in the shadows under the energies of Jupiter and Saturn, patience and length of time do more than rage. Nice monthly energies to live by letting go.

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