Pisces February 2021 Horoscope

Monthly introspection and a beautiful energy! The planetary cluster in Aquarius settles in your area related to your inner life and everything that does not appear to the world: you are preparing for changes.

Jupiter and Saturn announce it, except for the third decan, celestial protection will help your projects or your life, Saturn instills in your temperament its pragmatism and its test for your future success. This month really pushes you to take actions as beacons of the future! Pluto in beautiful aspect to your sign gives you golden friendships, Neptune at home increases your mediumship, second decan. From the 19th, the Sun tumbles home, Venus reaches the end of the month and Neptune softness the program, your personality is naturally expressed in this influx.

Love in General:
Love is allied to secrecy during this month. The alcove often suits you perfectly, because of your difficulty in making choices or because your heart can love many people at the same time. Mars brings you its powerful sensuality, you are never last in the games of love! After the 19th, your radiance is clear, your particular charisma too, enjoy the delicacy!

In a relationship:
Your partner is not always aware of the effect they have on you, especially if your words are scarce and your caresses even more so! Dare to express and prove your attachment to your other half, communication is fundamental. The star of voluptuousness, Mars, in beautiful aspect, allows you to compensate for your silences in bed. Phew!

Your heart is vibrant, your feelings just waiting to be lived but a significant shyness blocks you a little this month, take confidence in your potential and forget the performance! When you go out unexpectedly, you might come across someone who is made for you, open your eyes and be yourself!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The sky invites you to look inside yourself to find the meaning of your life, to be able to manifest outside what your soul has worked on inside. As a journey here on Earth it is one of the most beautiful. A lovely discovery!

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