Pisces 2021 Horoscope

The challenges ahead this year center around your need to realign yourself with your sense of purpose. You’ve been working to establish your priorities and now move into a series of cycles that help you move beyond the barriers blocking your success. With increasing confidence and optimism about the future, you can establish goals that offer greater satisfaction with yourself and your life circumstances.
Pluto’s ingress into Sagittarius is particularly important for you, since this cycle marks a long period of self-discovery that is effective well into the next century. Although the exact year in which Pluto makes a square aspect to your Sun is determined by the date of your birth, you are experiencing the significance of Pluto traveling through your solar 10th house. You’re unraveling those factors inhibiting your free and full self-expression and can gain exceptional insight into your place in the world. Your relationship with parents or family also may change, allowing you to release any negative psychological ties and become more accepting of yourself and your differences (and similarities). You’re uncovering the mystery of your Self, and can feel reborn.
The transit of Jupiter in Capricorn highlights your solar 11th house, marking a period of increasing involvement in your community or with special interest groups. Your friends can be especially helpful this year, and you’ll provide greater moral support for them as well.
The most phenomenal element of this cycle involves your ability to clearly envision your future and to set goals that help realize those dreams. Confidence in your abilities expands, and you may be drawn to others who see your potential and act as benefactors. But you also can give aid and encouragement to others, and may become part of a movement or plan that provides an outlet for others to develop their talents and abilities. With strong idealism guiding your path, you may become the inspiration that does, indeed, change things in the world. You’re seeing the effect of reaping what you sow.
If you’re not happy with the results, a change in attitude may be in order, particularly if you’ve been selfish in your aims. You’re inspired to reach out with your talents, love, and faith.
Saturn’s cycle through your solar 2nd house will last for the next two years, and you’11 be more aware of the ways you’re using your resources. Your values may be changing. It’s crucial to make the most of what you have and to avoid waste, since this cycle brings you closely in touch with your attitudes toward the material world. The solar and lunar eclipses also add emphasis to these challenges, and you may experience a financial crisis if you’ve been misusing resources or if you’ve failed to take responsible action. You can turn the tide now and set a stable foundation for future growth. Before the foundation is solidified, you’re clearing out elements that would undermine its integrity.
Relationships also may reach a crisis point, particularly if either of you has been ignoring the needs of the other, or if you’ve been in denial about the reality of the situation. Reality stares you in the face, and if you don’t like what you see, then this is the time to change it! Begin by healing old wounds that may be poisoning your current situation. Hanging onto the past works to your disadvantage now, especially if you’re clinging to pain or fear. Take a good look at those fears, because you can see them for what they are and address them directly. Be alert to the areas where you’ve become your own worst enemy. You are challenged to fully embrace yourself and to fill yourself with love and acceptance. From this viewpoint, everything in your life will evolve into a wholeness that heals and promotes positive growth.

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