Pisces Monthly Horoscope

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With powerhouse Mars igniting your solar sixth house of productivity, Pisces, you are especially busy this month. You may be hard at work with your employer, hustling on important projects, or even chasing down important fitness goals. Don’t let yourself burn out, though, because the fire of Mars could see you burning the candle at both ends.

The new moon on July 9 falls in your solar fifth house of love and recreation, so it’s time to make your heart’s desires a priority. This new moon could open the doorway for single Pisces to find true love or at least line up prospective suitors. Committed Pisces should utilize this period to set up time for romance, because you could reignite the spark in your union or even have luck in fertility. If you’re a creative, this is the most auspicious new moon of the year to immerse yourself in new inspiration.

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Magical Venus turns a corner to dance across from you in the sky beginning on the twenty-first, setting up a trend of several months with planets in your solar seventh house of partnership. Commitments and engagements could be right around the corner!

Next to note is the full moon in your solar twelfth house of rest on July 23, which could see you very tired and in need of solitude. Lie low and don’t rock the boat, because this full moon could make your anxiety spike.

One last thing to say about July is that it is the final month in 2021 with your co-ruler Jupiter dancing in your zodiac sign. Plant some seeds, take chances, and attract luck to you everywhere you go.

Standout days: 5, 12, 15
Challenging days: 6, 17, 23

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