Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

You feel like you’re getting a nice, big emotional hug all week long from the partnership of love goddess Venus and kindred water sign Cancer. You’re very touchy-feely now, and the right person will want to cuddle and be close just as much as you do. So why can’t you stop thinking about that standoffish, reserved Capricorn?! Guess the heart wants what it wants, Pisces.

The Universe delivers some unfortunate stress via a Mars-Jupiter square early in the week, so don’t expect things to run smoothly on a date or a casual meetup. Things have a way of getting pretty twisted now, almost like the world is out to get you. It’s not, of course, but why can’t anything go right for a change?

Luckily, the weekend brings better energy in the form of a more positive Venus-Uranus sextile, and with these planets working together instead of against each other, the outcome is completely different. If you can manage to get a do-over of a romantic disaster from earlier in the week, this time it will be a thousand times better.

Pisces Compatibility