Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

Your mind is wide open as the sun partners with free-thinking Aquarius and your house of karma this week. If you feel an instant connection with someone, it’s possible you’ve crossed paths in a past life. Don’t rule anything out during this ethereal transit, Pisces.

And there’s more good news! A joyful sun-Jupiter sextile arrives on Tuesday to take away any doubts you may have. This upbeat planetary energy reminds you that when you know, you know. Is there someone close to you that gives off “this is my person” vibe? Your soul mate could very well be someone you already know.

Your shy, sensitive sign begins hosting loving Venus on Thursday, opening you up to a lot of romantic possibilities and, unfortunately, a lot of heartache. Why is it so hard to be open with someone new? Fear of rejection is keeping you closed off.

Pisces Compatibility