Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

Asteroid Juno represents committed relationships and loyalty, so when it moves into flexible air sign Gemini on May 1, you aren’t as set on finding your soul mate as you usually are. You’d love it if it happened, but this carefree energy makes you okay with being alone for now.

A harmonious Mars-Neptune water trine arrives on the fifteenth and elevates your psychic abilities to a whole new level. Pay close attention to dreams, visions, and hunches as your subconscious tries to relay important messages to you, Pisces. There’s no reason to doubt your first instincts or impressions of someone.

On May 28, there’s a lot of conflicting energy being delivered by the sun-Saturn square, especially surrounding a relationship with someone you work with or know through your job. If you have to work really hard just to meet up for a casual date, what would happen if things got serious? You might want to scrap your plans altogether before you get attached to someone you probably have no future with.

Pisces Compatibility