Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

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Your month starts with a sextile between Venus in conscious Taurus and your ruler Neptune in your deep-feeling sign on May 2. Your sensitivity and intuition increase now, putting you in tune with your spiritual side. You’re seeking a partner now who will explore the unknown parts of the universe and each other’s psyche with you.

As knowledge-seeking Jupiter exits outgoing Aquarius and meets up with your more introverted sign on the thirteenth, you go about expanding your mind in much quieter ways. You’re still interested in new experiences, but your inhibitions might prohibit you from going all in.

A second Mercury retrograde period begins while Mercury is traveling though Gemini on May 29, ushering in three weeks of confusion. Like you need more of that, right, Pisces?! If possible, postpone all major romantic decisions until this cycle is over. If you have to choose, ask a trusted friend for their advice, preferably in person.

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