Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

Coming up with creative ideas can change your love life as smart asteroid Pallas moves though your artistic zone beginning on September 6. If you ask someone out but aren’t sure what to do on your date, tap into your intuition. Your subconscious is full of deliciously romantic ideas that will make a great impression.

Putting yourself first isn’t something you often do, but that’s what nurturing Luna asks of you during the full moon in your softhearted sign on the tenth. If you just started seeing someone or are getting to know someone new, it’s okay to take a little self-care break. They’ll be there when you get back. And if they’re not, it wasn’t meant to be.

You’ve got some naughty things on your mind as sexy Venus leaves Virgo for your house of passion on September 29, but you might be too shy to express what you’re really thinking about. It’s a little easier to write your intentions in a text or DM, but you’ll probably be extremely embarrassed afterward. Go for it, Pisces. Any potential awkwardness is worth the potentially steamy payoff!

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