Pisces Monthly Career Horoscope

In the month of September, things are coming into focus.

Venus enters the sign of Virgo on September 4, and, Pisces, you and a friend or partner might start a business together. You could be coming together to combine your considerable talents and skills. This might be something that you’ve talked about in passing before, but now it’s time to get serious about this.

There’s a full moon in Pisces on the tenth. Also, Mercury is now retrograde in Libra. Over the next two weeks, it’s really important that you take a closer look at your investments. You might want to look at fee schedules and how to rebalance your portfolio in general. This is a good time to meet with your broker or banker and see how this individual can help you strengthen your personal balance sheet.

There’s a new moon in Libra on September 25. Some new funding might be available for your business. Over the next couple of weeks you will have access to more resources. If you have a regular job, this might mean that you’re getting vested in some stock or that your company is about to do an IPO. You might get to buy some shares at a discount.

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