Pisces Monthly Career Horoscope

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You're ready to blaze through projects and get things done, Pisces native, but this month you need a break to rest. July 1 has Mars in Leo opposing Saturn in Aquarius. If you were thinking about taking a holiday, it might be canceled because you have a pile of work to do. You could be stuck at your computer for days.

The new moon in Cancer is on the ninth, and over the next two weeks you have an opportunity to get involved in a new business or invest your time in a friend's concern. This is a good time to look for unusual investments that don't cost you a lot of money.

July 23 brings the full moon in Aquarius lighting up your house of intuition, and now your heart and head are in alignment. It's good to trust yourself when it comes to your career.

On the twenty-ninth, Mars goes into Virgo and your house of partnerships. At the same time, Mars opposes expansive Jupiter in your own sign. This is a wonderful aspect for connecting with a celebrity in your industry or someone who is willing to mentor you. E-mails and DMs are the way to go.

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