Pisces Third Decan

Third decan Pisces born between March 11 and March 20. If a person is born between these days, the ruling planet Pluto in case the person is born between 11th March and 20th March. These people are the strongest among Pisces in other decans. They know really well how to succeed in all the spheres of life. Given their awesome energy from Pluto they may keep dreaming and hallucinating. They envision many things; still they aren’t able to express them all. Sometimes, they pile up mental anxiety and depression, particularly, when the reality doesn’t conform to their fantasy world.

The third Pisces Decan personality is characterized by a spiritual nature, experimentalism and intensity. They are highly sensitive to psychic connections and attuned to intuition. Spirituality plays a significant part in their lives, they often think about soul searching and finding the true meaning of life. They are deep thinkers with a strong imagination and can create poetry and works of fiction that are truly moving.

They are passionately intense with the people they love and just as intense with the beliefs they hold. They devote their time, energy and attention to anything they consider truly worthwhile. They love to experiment and will try anything at least once. They are forever reinventing themselves to adapt and change to the differing circumstances. They are somewhat of a chameleon and can change dramatically according to the situation. Because of this ability to adapt and change they make excellent actors.

Pisces Third Decan - Mental Man of Pluto

In astrology, Pluto is the mysterious planet that is associated with renewal, rebirth, transformation, regeneration and healing. The eighth house is also about desire, determination, drive and tenacity. Therefore, it is no wonder you are ambitious, fearless and strong-willed, not to mention, blessed with a heart of great compassion and patient enough to listen to the indignant voices of those who have had been bullied.

In addition to these praiseworthy virtues, you are thoughtful and loyal like a soldier defending his country. Your friends can count on you to always be there to understand and support them when things fall apart; and because you are trustworthy to the nth degree, you won’t plunge a venom-laced dagger into their back when they are not looking, nor will you ridicule them for being such-and-such.

You have an astounding ability to keep a poker face. Even when your anger-o-meter is broken and the F-word is about to creep into every statement you make, you don’t show emotions. That’s why some people don’t know they have offended or upset you with their comments and/or actions. In fact, your closest peeps don’t even know what is really going on inside your head – you are calm and strong in the midst of chaos.

You have a vengeful side that can hold grudges against your enemies for a long time, and will wait patiently for an opportunity to get even and tell them “I am not someone to be messed with”. Remember, my friend, revenge is a double-edged sword that cuts you as it cuts them.

Since you are a naturally curious person, you often find yourself wanting to investigate whatever that twists your mind into a pretzel. If it is an uncharacteristic change in behavior or temperament in someone you care about a lot, watch that you don’t become interfering as the nurturing and protective part of you doles out advice after advice.

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