Pisces First Decan

First decan Pisces born between February 19 and February 29. If a person is born between these days, the ruling planets are Jupiter and Neptune in case the individual is born between 19th February and 29th February. They have fixed purpose and are very stubborn. They have a vision but they are largely impractical. In the middle and old age, destiny would smile. Those born under this influence are selfless, intuitive and romantic. They have a strong imagination and they see beauty in everything. They can sense the emotions of others. They are happy to help people and also make wonderful friends.

The first Pisces Decan personality is characterized by romanticism, selflessness and intuition. They take a positive and optimistic view of life that sometimes borders on naivety as they seldom see the bad in others. They can sometimes be taken advantage of by ruthless or devious personalities because of that. They have a dreamy romantic nature and always find the poetic in anyone or anything. They can drift off, quite easily, into their fantasy world because they have a vivid imagination.

Because of their highly intuitive nature, they can sense the mood, feelings and emotions of others. But because of their sensitivity these moods and feelings can seep into their soul, so that they carry other people’s worries with them. They hate to se sad people, their selfless nature forces them to help others. They make for a wonderful friends and will offer a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear to those who ask for it.

Pisces First Decan - Physical Man of Neptune

In astrology, Neptune represents imagination, mysticism, inspiration, spiritual, ideals, escapism and daydreaming. It also symbolizes compassion, empathy and kindness as it dissolves individual self-interest, narcissism and greed. That’s why you have a heart of gold that gives and gives without expecting anything in return, and find it terribly hard to say “NO” even if you have darn good reasons to do so.

Those in your network are, indeed, very lucky to have you in their lives, but watch that your niceness is not being taken advantage of. You can be rather gullible and naive at times, and I worry manipulators, controllers and liars around you might use you for egotistical purposes.

Flattery is like sweet music to your ears, and you tend to fall for “feel good” words that have the power to polish egos to a luminous sheen. My friend, what you hear is not necessarily true, nor will all promises made to you be delivered. Trusting blindly can open you to being hurt, therefore, learn to question other people’s motives before you give your consent to important decisions, or part with your hard-earned money.

You are gifted with amazing intuitive ability, and can sense when a loved one is upset and wants a pair of sympathetic ears to listen to their sorrows, or when they are feeling like an agitated chimp that needs to be left alone. Because you are also even-tempered and sensitive enough to know when to be quiet and let others speak, you seldom end up in slanging matches with argumentative idiots and pompous know-it-alls. In addition to this, you have an abundance of creative imagination and intelligence plus artistic talents. If you develop them fully, there is a high chance you will become rich and famous.

You are also a hopeless romantic with a nurturing nature that won’t hesitate to sacrifice everything for the sake of your true love. So don’t be surprised that you might decide to abandon your career for your family, or move to somewhere far away to be with your sweetest heart.

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