Tiger Pisces

A seeming contradiction in terms, those born under the sign of the Tiger Pisces are adventurous, humanitarian, generous, sincere, rebellious, and emotionally fragile all at the same time. To some this energy may come across as chaotic and wild, which it certainly can be from time to time, but Tiger Pisces are also deep thinkers, dreamers, and idealists. Though they can be sullen and elusive from time to time, members of this sign always stand up for what they believe in.

Like their animal namesake, those born under the sign of the Tiger Pisces are mostly harmless. They spend most of their time sitting back and observing, planning, and considering their options. Also like the Tiger Pisces, members of this sign don’t strike out unless pushed. While they may spend a great deal of time quietly lingering in the background, they are not afraid to stand up for themselves, and can be a very formidable opponent to those who assail their deepest beliefs and personal freedom.

That’s not to say that Tiger Pisces are always quiet and reserved. In fact, this sign has a very gregarious side and will occasionally surprise others with the vigor with which they speak and act. Tiger Pisces love intense conversations and ideas that they can share with others. They can be powerful, outspoken leaders with one group of people and elusive, mysterious, and suspicious observers with another. Members of this sign tend to play whatever role suits them best in different social situations, but are never predictable no matter which role they choose to play.

Tiger Pisces are often attracted to mysterious people, places, and things as well. They relish the unusual and the unexplained, and believe there is far more to life than what our five senses can reveal. Tiger Pisces are also very emotionally unstable. They can vacillate between moods at any given time, and are not very good with moderation. This is a sign that is prone to addiction and escapism if left to their own devices. Though they seem to be very stoic in their beliefs, members of this sign are always second-guessing themselves and others. They are much more emotionally fragile than they seem and get their feelings hurt very easily.

Tiger Pisces Traits

You’re the scene of two opposite temperaments — your Pisces side is made of passivity and dream, and your Tiger side of activity and aggressivity. These two temperaments continually fight each other for influence. Ordinarily, it’s the Tiger that wins in your childhood, thereafter progressively gives way to the Pisces.

You’ve much charm, presence, and kindliness. But one is often mistaken on your account for you’re sufficiently elusive and secret. Add to this your clear tendency to mysticism. One can get you by your sentiments because of your psychological weakness and emotional instability. Credulous and naive, you can easily get involved in entangled or uncomfortable situations. You’d better try to control your aggressive side in your relationships with others.

You put much ardor in your professional activity, but you tend to dash headlong — you take decisions in an inopportune manner, or you let yourself be involved in affairs which are not clear or overwhelm you. But certain frequent chance comes to your rescue and helps you get out of difficult situations.

Heartwise, you must learn to be more objective in your choices so as to establish more harmonious affective relations. Free union seems to suit you more than conventional marriage.

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