Snake Pisces

Mysterious, cerebral, and soft-spoken, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Snake Pisces are elusive charmers with excellent intuition. Their natural instincts are so good, in fact, that they can get further in life than most solely on their intuitive gifts. Snake Pisces have big imaginations and like to think situations through long before they are ever encountered. They have strategic minds and can anticipate the moves of others before they happen. Like their animal namesakes, members of this sign then only have to sit and wait for their prey to come to them.

One of the hallmarks of this sign is that they are always surprising you. Depending on other positions in the birth chart, most Snake Pisces will be naturally reserved when you first meet them then will suddenly say something extremely funny, charming, or observant that makes others wonder what else is hiding behind the cool exterior. Trying to get into the mind of a Snake Pisces is nearly impossible though, as they tend to be more manipulative of themselves than they are of other people. Snake Pisces like to bend reality to fit their preferred model of the world, and as long as nothing comes along to contradict this belief, they can live in their invented reality for quite some time.

Snake Pisces are notoriously elusive. They are polite, well mannered and have classic tastes - implying that they are more conservative than they really are. Since they rarely let anyone see the innerworkings of their own mental world, others have an increasingly difficult time getting to know them the further into their minds they try to delve. There are many species of Snake Pisces in the animal kingdom, from the common “water Snake Pisces” to the brightly colored and toxic “poison dart Snake Pisces”. Similarly, planetary relationships in the birth chart have a strong effect on the personality characteristics of someone born under the sign of the Snake Pisces.

Snake Pisces Traits

You’re a great romantic, thirsty of tenderness and very receptive to sentiments of others. You can’t live without arousing love or admiration. You can’t either refrain from charming at all costs, by trying to give pleasure and making everybody satisfied around you.

Lacking energy and strength of character, you tend to let yourself be exploited, or you confound love and pity. You’re ready for all kinds of concessions so as to please; but once the objective reached, you detach yourself in a very casual way. You always find someone who will console you if you happen to have amorous setbacks. Your life is fraught with great sentimental or spiritual outbursts. Fearful, you beat the retreat before harsh realities.

You may happen to change jobs often, probably because you lack perseverance. Your artistic talent can spotlight you. You also have good contact with the public. Generally, you’re inclined to count more on others than on yourself as far as the goods of existence are concerned.

Your faithfulness in love is always shaky. But it’s difficult to find someone more romantic and passionate than you. You love your children and can refuse them nothing, on condition that someone else takes care of them on the material plane.

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