Rooster Pisces

In the animal kingdom, Rooster Pisces are nocturnal, solitary, and very territorial. They build their own little world around themselves and only rarely will let anyone else in. However, some people (such as famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali) have successfully kept them as pets. This is the secret of the Rooster Pisces: They can be dangerous, but are still just little cats deep down at their core. Once they can learn to trust others they can live right alongside everyone else comfortably.

This is the natural way of being for those born under the sign of the Rooster Pisces. They keep others at a distance. They want others to accept the impression of them that they choose to give off. They don’t really want confrontation, so they will likely put up a big front in order to keep others at a distance. These choices most often lead to a mostly solitary lifestyle, which is good for them in some ways and not as good in others. Members of this sign can become reclusive and start to live in their own little world instead of accepting and tolerating the ups and downs of the real world.

Those born under the sign of the Rooster Pisces aren’t solitary because they don’t like other people. In fact, members of this sign enjoy the company of others quite a bit. They sometimes isolate themselves because it is the easiest, and sometimes the only, way to fully harness their immense creative power. A combination of the western zodiac sign of Pisces and the eastern zodiac sign of Rooster, this sign is self-contradictory in many ways, but the two sides also complement one another a great deal.

Rooster gives strength, confidence, and determination which in turn allows Pisces to fulfill its creative dreams and visions. Both sides gain deep satisfaction from these accomplishments which could not exist without this dual nature. This is a sign that can get things done, but in their own unique, visionary style. They truly don’t need others to succeed, but can benefit quite a bit from connecting to people in the real world. If they cut themselves off from others too much they can get too wrapped up in their own little fantasy world and if they socialize too much they will have a hard time finishing the projects they start. The key is balance.

Rooster Pisces Traits

You’re a mysterious personality which one has much difficulty to know for you alternatively present two totally different facets. Either one only sees the swaggering and aggressive side of the Rooster in you, or only the dreamy and idealistic side of the Pisces. In any case, you’ve much charm, but on the other hand your brusque comportment can lose you sympathies.

There’s a somewhat masochistic side to your character. You willingly let yourself be tyrannized, then without warning, it’s you who become a tyrant! You also have a taste for secret manipulation, or a concern for the quest of occult powers which give you prestige and influence.

You can be a great artist, a mystic or a visionary if your instincts are sublimated. Secret or complicated affairs can be profitable to you. You also have happy intuitions in speculations. Commerce, tourism, and services are the fields where you can be very much at ease.

Heartwise, there’s nothing tepid in you — you live your amorous experiences in intensity, frenzy, and drama. Your feelings are whole and your sensitiveness powerful. When you attach yourself, it’s often in a durable manner. Your family circle is your reason for living and you put it above everything.

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