Rat Pisces

Those born under the sign of the Rat Pisces may seem somewhat reserved upon first meeting them, but it doesn’t take long to discover a surprisingly bright personality and sense of humor hidden beneath the surface. Smart and clever, but also deeply creative and emotional, these passive individuals can be influential when they want to be. Unlike some other signs they don’t need to shout orders from the mountaintop to be inspiring. Instead they use their clever use of words and ideas to paint mental pictures in the minds of others.

This is a sign where deep thought, emotion, beauty, introspection, and intuition meet expression, curiosity, and charm. Rat Pisces are artistic and deeply philosophical and can express themselves in an insightful and intriguing manner. These are people you always want to hear more from. Rat Pisces say what they want, but choose their words carefully. They always have fascinating insights, which comes from being more spiritually connected than most.

The actual animal called the Rat Pisces is largely misunderstood. Contrary to popular belief, Rat Pisces do not commit suicide nor blindly follow each other off of cliffs. This theory was based on these creature’s strong urge to migrate when population explodes, as it strangely does among them in waves. When this happens, the usually strong swimmer can get in over their heads (literally) and drown trying to cross rivers. Why is this important to those born under this sign? Because the key spiritual lesson of this sign is to become independent while choosing their actions based on a combination of intelligence and intuition rather than instinct or emotion. Rat Pisces are not the brainless followers they are made out to be, but rather animals who sometimes rely far too much on instinctive and emotional feelings to guide them even when they probably know better.

Rat Pisces have to be careful about addictions. They can easily be enticed by money, status, flattery, or just feeling good in general. Members of this sign have to realize that these are all meaningless to them from the soul’s perspective. They have so much to give, and so much to share with others that it is frustrating to watch them spin their wheels and waste their talents by not learning from their past mistakes and relationships. They need someone to be as straightforward and honest with them as they like to be with others. They have to learn to take well-placed criticism and interpret it in a way that helps them rather than offends them. If they can do this, all problems will begin to clear themselves up.

As with most signs, finding a balance in life of work, love, friendship, comfort, and security is going to be very important. Anyone can get out of balance, and this usually happens to Rat Pisces through romance. They seem to be at ease with people and life in general, but they tend to pick bad partners who cause them pain and drama and when they do find a good person they feel bored, trapped, or unsettled. This can happen with friendship circles too. This sign may find themselves on the outs with good friends who can’t stand to watch them self-destruct.

With great power comes great responsibility, and this is a sign of incredible potential power. Some will avoid expressing their power in order to avoid the potential trappings that come along with it, and this is not always a bad thing. Being prone to addiction and depression, this soul’s goal is to learn to exert enough power to get what they want and need in life, but not pushing so far that they overshoot their true goals. All signs benefit greatly from knowing their life path, but this one in particular. With so much talent and energy it is easy to go off course. Knowing the plan is the best way to ensure success in this lifetime, both materially and spiritually.

Rat Pisces Traits

You’re a real weathercock — you incessantly change ideas, almost without noticing it yourself, and one never knows well how to go about you. Capricious, you categorically refuse to get bored or to let other people bore you. It’s why you play with your fellow-men and also with your own feelings. Sometimes you’ve an impossible comportment, but this doesn’t prevent you from being charming.

Your destiny is often unstable, with numerous ups and downs. However you can almost always manage to be back on your feet thanks to providential strokes of luck.

In the material domain, you show great improvidence or lack of imagination, which are detrimental to you. But you always find supports and aids which make you solvent. Lazy, indecisive, or dilettante, you conduct your professional activities according to your fluctuating humors. Occult sciences and all that’s related to mirage and dreams are profitable to you.

Charming but evasive, you hate engagements in love and are little made for responsibilities. Quite often you let yourself be misled by shams or illusions. You may have many unions in the course of your life, all of them marked with instability.

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