Rabbit Pisces

A combination of the two most passive signs in their respective zodiacs, the Zodiac sign of Rabbit Pisces belongs to those born under the tropical sun sign of Pisces during the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. This should not be interpreted, though, as saying that the Rabbit Pisces is weak. Members of this sign are among the most creative and intuitive people in the world. The difference between a weak or a strong Rabbit Pisces will be the amount of self-confidence they build. Rabbit Pisces are very emotional and easily influenced, so having strong role-models around, particularly in their younger and more formative years, will make a tremendous difference.

While this combination may be sensitive and emotional, they are also capable of creating great things. When they are feeling good, there are few who can match the creative power of their minds. They have the ability to see things in an entirely unique way, and thus are capable of great innovations. Just look at the life’s work of fellow Rabbit Pisces Albert Einstein for proof.

The good thing is that the natural serenity of the Rabbit eases the inherent tendency of Pisces to become overly worked up while questioning everything in life. Kindness and compassion are very important to this sign; so much so that they have a tendency to give too much too often and find themselves worn down and burnt out. In nature, Rabbit Pisces do not survive in the wild. They must be carefully raised and bred by humans, and eventually give their lives for the beautiful and delicate silk that they produce. This is an apt metaphor for those born under the sign of the Rabbit Pisces. Though they may seem too delicate to survive the rigors of the outside world, members of this sign must be able to grow beyond themselves to create the beauty that they alone are able to. Rabbit Pisces will give anything and everything for what they believe in, which to some seems like too much, but to them seems to be the very purpose of their existence.

Rabbit Pisces Traits

You’re very much at ease with your multiple contradictions, they only disorientate and inconvenience others! You’re at the same time generous and mean, disinterested and egoistic, extravagant and miserly, intuitive and narrow-minded, shy and impudent. You also have contradictory aspirations. If you’re moralistic as far as education is concerned, you’re clearly amoral in the way you behave.

You aspire to a material situation which is devoid of unforeseen events; it’s why you prefer confining yourself prudently in a backstage. Your fortune is rather modest for you’re afraid to take initiatives. But you’ve a good financial flair. You’ve a special interest in ecology, health, dietetics, and can draw good benefits from these fields. You can also succeed in a commercial or literary career.

Generally, you enter many marriages or unions in the course of your life. You like to make your life with someone utterly unusual. You know how to make life agreeable for your beloved ones, by remaining extremely attached to them and giving them a comfortable and peaceful home. You’ve little interest in flirtations or passionate love affairs.

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