Pig Pisces

Sincere, dependable, and a bit eccentric, those born under the sign of the Pig Pisces walk to their own beat. It’s not that they try to be noticed, it’s just that people can’t help but notice them. Like the Pig Pisces of the animal kingdom, their authentic but unique way of being gives them a mysterious, attractive quality that is difficult to both understand and resist.

Pig Pisces are social creatures who typically have many acquaintances. Though they can be fairly quiet and reserved they are actually excellent networkers. They can simply walk politely through a room introducing themselves and have half of the room wanting to find out more about them. Though they are friendly with many people, they sometimes have a hard time forming deep relationships with people because they spread themselves too thin trying to keep too many friendships going at once. They simply run out of time to give to others.

Those born under this sign don’t just know a lot of people, they also know a little bit about a lot of different things. Pig Pisces follow what they are attracted to most, which means that they will drop one project in favor of another one with little remorse. Should members of this sign find an interest that they want to stick with, it will most likely be something of an artistic, charitable, or social nature.

Many Pig Pisces are drawn toward charity or social work as they have an inert ability to feel the pain of others. They are sincere in their desire to make the world a better place, but unlike some other signs, they have a hard time knowing exactly what to do about it. Pig Pisces are not the types to start non-profit organizations, but they are the types to donate, volunteer, or work under the guidance of an Executive Director. Pig Pisces may lead by example, but they are not usually considered leaders by themselves or their peers. They have too difficult of a time making decisions (especially under time restraints) and dealing with conflicts to play anything but a supporting role.

Pig Pisces Traits

Your nature is essentially feminine, even though you belong manifestly to the bearded race. You’re very intuitive, hypersensitive, romantic, lethargic and dreamy. You’re always on the lookout for what cannot be grasped, you love changes and escapism. You tend toward laziness, look for comfort and facility. All this doesn’t make of you a detestable person, but on the contrary gives you indefinable and bewitching charm.

You’ve a taste for mystery and cultivate it assiduously. Also loving game, you count on your penetrating intuition to solve your problems. Hating to make suffer or to see suffer, you show strong masochistic tendencies.

Your principal asset in the professional domain is not really practical sense but very sure intuitions. You always find helps or supports brought about by acquaintances or your family. But you should not let yourself be influenced or advised by undependable or unscrupulous relations.

Your affective life ordinarily swings between intense joys and profound sorrows. Romantic love takes on great importance in your destiny. You possess within yourself treasures of affection which you profusely lavish on your beloved one and your children.

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