Ox Pisces

Quiet, observant, and gentle, those born under the sign of the Ox Pisces are hard workers who dedicate themselves to the causes that they believe in. These causes may be the family they choose to raise or the careers they choose to follow, but in most cases they selflessly toward the greater good.

Ox Pisces are sensitive, but this should not be misinterpreted as a weakness. Like their animal namesake, their generally calm and submissive nature is offset by the knowledge that they have great strength in reserve and can become as aggressive as anyone if pushed too far. Those who try to take advantage of them will find this out the hard way.

While not particularly social by nature, Ox Pisces like to surround themselves with familiar faces and warm, cozy, comfortable surroundings. They are kind and caring friends and family members who give of themselves freely. They may have big dreams, but more than anything Ox Pisces crave a happy, peaceful life. Often preferring to spend time at home than out in society, members of this sign usually have nice homes filled with nice things. They appreciate the subtleties of art and aesthetics and usually have excellent, if not eccentric taste.

Ox Pisces not only seek peace and comfort, but also unique ideas and unusual roles. They don’t take a lot of risks, rather they will volunteer to try new things as long as they know that the consequences of things going wrong is minor. Ox Pisces have a somewhat hidden sense of pride. Above all, they don’t want to look foolish. They work hard to earn the respect of others and don’t risk losing that respect without good reason.

Ox Pisces Traits

You’ve a voluptuous and sensual temperament which inclines you toward facility when your desires are called on. Endowed with very great intuition and instinct of mystery, you possess real power over others; you fascinate them as much as you inspire them certain apprehension toward yourself.

Basically egoistic, you can nevertheless have fits of generosity and altruistic acts; but they seem to be designed to give you good conscience or pleasure. Tradition confers you glandular weakness, hormonal imbalance, especially if you’re a woman.

With your very much pronounced artistic and esthetic tastes, you can make a fortune in the arts, show business, above all singing, or in firms of beauty, fashion, or luxury. You benefit from much chance and happy hazards in your career — people and things come to you spontaneously. You tend to let yourself be borne by the wave, but with infinite charm!

In love, you don’t know how to say "no", and this can sometimes singularly complicate your life. Once fixed, you value your spouse and home very much. Your affective center of gravity is in your children, to whom you can refuse nothing.

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