Monkey Pisces

Creative, intelligent, and curious, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Monkey Pisces are a rare breed who have the capacity for high levels of both artistic and mathematical skill. Thus, they are often interested at an early age in esoteric or unexplained mysteries of the world. Their questioning of everything sparks an early learning curve, and most adults will perceive them as gifted. As kids, they often find themselves preferring the company of adults to other children.

Like their animal namesake, though, those born under the sign of the Monkey Pisces are quick to get going in life, but have a harder time staying ahead in the long run. Like the wild cat they often end up solitary and territorial, working on what interests them and only allowing a few select others into their world. Like all cats, they love luxury and pleasure and have an instinctive fight-or-flight reaction to challenges. They often isolate themselves in order to pursue their individual interests, but a lack of socialization can alter their personalities in unexpected ways.

Monkey Pisces are affectionate, versatile, intuitive, observant, and receptive to new ideas (as long as they don’t contradict preconceived notions). This is a sign of deep thinkers with epic problem solving abilities. Both artsy and intellectual, they often feel misunderstood by their peers and society in general. Monkey Pisces question everything around them rather than simply accepting things as they are. Too often, though, they forget to question or analyze their own behaviors.

Despite a somewhat territorial nature, Monkey Pisces are sensitive individuals who prefer to avoid conflicts whenever possible. They have many positive traits, but they can also be judgmental, easily distracted, and socially unaware. They don’t have much of a middle-ground, and are often either “on” or “off”, meaning either funny, confident, and clever or depressed, self-victimized, and emotionally unstable.

Monkey Pisces Traits

You function more with your unconscious than with your will. Very sensitive to the imaginary, you let yourself be drawn to attractions which may seem unexplainable to the eyes of common people. Your tendencies are more mystical or imaginative than practical. You like to do the good and are happier to give than to receive. But you cannot be grasped.

Your existence is ordinarily full of sudden, unexpected changes, of ordeals, struggles, and strong enmities which you don’t understand. And yet your charm is readily recognized. Sometimes you’re seized by powerful fervor, which can be amorous, religious, or mystical.

You’ve a keen interest in esotericism, mysticism, alchemy, religions, and the unconscious, paranormal, or symbolic world. It’s in these domains that you can easily distinguish yourself or make a fortune. Despite your basic laziness, much will be given you by your friends and acquaintances. Providential encounters and happy hazards often come to get you out of a shaky material situation.

A non conventional element must always be present in your affairs of the heart. In order that your union be viable, it must be based on friendship or a community of tastes. Although allergic to marriage, you arouse profound attachments.

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