Horse Pisces

The “spiritual wanderers” of the Zodiac, those born under the sign of the Horse Pisces are deep, energetic, and creative. They get excited about new events, social scenes, and even rough concepts of new ideas. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign are often found restlessly trying to find the best possible situation to put themselves in, rather than simply relaxing and enjoying the moment. Just as the lizard will move all over a rock to get the perfect amount of sunlight, those born under the sign of the Horse Pisces spend a great deal of energy trying to find the most perfect balance possible. Maximizing their potential enjoyment of every situation is what often drives a Horse Pisces’ behavior, and because of this they can be a bit oblivious to the effect they have on the people around them.

Horse Pisces have a lot of insecurities, though they often try not to show them. They want to be known among their peers as the good-hearted truth-seeker who naturally is much wiser and spiritually deeper than the rest. In many ways, this is exactly what they are, though they are not nearly as close to perfection as they would like to believe. In fact, they often keep themselves busy to avoid noticing that they don’t really make a lot of forward progress on a daily basis. Horse Pisces are far more likely to start new projects or adventures with great amounts of energy that fade out far before anything sustainable can be created.

Because they tend to be big on self-analysis, Horse Pisces are usually pretty healthy. They know what their body needs, almost too well, and are very hesitant to put themselves in situations where they might not have everything they need. What they see as self-awareness is likely to appear to others as being picky, fidgety, and self-absorbed. In truth, Horse Pisces can be so over-analytical and limited in their interests that they have difficulty compromising with others who don’t share their views. Horse Pisces are famously difficult when trying to cohabitate with other people.

Ultimately, Horse Pisces just want to feel good and feel good about themselves. They want life to be a grand adventure and they want something bigger than themselves to live for. Once set in their ways, there is little anyone can do to change a Horse Pisces’ mind. Though they will fight to live their lives the way they want to, they will never intentionally harm others to do so. Horse Pisces believe in the concept of karma and though they can be stubborn they are also kind-hearted humanitarians at their core.

Horse Pisces Traits

You exercise sure fascination over others because of the mystery of which you alone have the secret. But on the other side, a little naive and with variable humors, you let yourself be easily taken in by appearances, especially when your good feelings are called for.

Your life is often a continual whirl, made of changes and travels. In fact you don’t aspire to stability, to a stay-at-home situation. You’re more attracted by foreigners than by people of your own race or your own country. You also feel great attraction for faraway philosophies and cultures. One can note a clear religious or mystical inclination in you.

You’ve unbounded ambitions, which are a source of frustrations. You must learn not to overestimate your strength, your chance, or your intuition, on which you often count too much.

In the material domain, you’ve difficulties establishing your fortune on solid bases for you’re more interested in ideas than money. But generally you can live in certain financial ease for you always find facilities, chances, and supports. It’s in the artistic or spiritual field that you can best achieve your possibilities.

Your affairs of the heart are unstable, subject to entangled situations and sudden changes. Foreigners often play a role in your love affairs. You can have many unions or marriages in the course of your life.

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