Goat Pisces

Kind, dreamy, and sensitive, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Goat Pisces are some of the world’s most imaginative thinkers. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign tend to float through life unnoticed, quietly and steadily making their way forward by following their excellent intuition. It’s easy for them to get sidetracked or caught up in the current of the real world, but Goat Pisces do best when they follow their hearts instead of trying to do what seems most practical.

Practicality, organization, and efficiency are not their strengths, yet members of this sign often feel guilty or stupid for not mastering them. They are extremely sensitive to what others think about them and hate to appear weak or incapable. In truth, Goat Pisces are highly intelligent individuals who happen to have minds that work differently than most. They must learn to accept and embrace this reality if they ever want to feel content - an experience that is naturally difficult for them already.

Because they are so sensitive, impressionable, and eager to please, members of this sign can be easily influenced by their surroundings. They often seek dominant personalities to help guide them through life and balance out their weaknesses, but this doesn’t always work as well as it sounds. Goat Pisces go with the flow, even if that flow takes them somewhere they don’t want to be. In the animal kingdom, their cousin the seahorse can anchor itself to the ocean floor, keeping it from washing ashore or into harm’s way. The Goat Pisces does not have this ability.

More than anything, this is a sign of big dreamers. Those born under this sign spend a very sizable chunk of their time lost in their own thoughts, wading through the waters of their own dreams and visions to find the ideas that they believe can change the world. The thing is, they are right. Kurt Cobain and Billy Corgan re-invented rock music in the 1990’s, some 30 years after George Harrison did as a member of the Beatles. Alexander Graham Bell created the technology that allows people to communicate across the world, while Apple’s Steve Jobs has redesigned the way that technology is used in our everyday lives. Chess mastermind Bobby Fischer and Sistine Chapel painter Michelangelo are considered some of the greatest geniuses to have ever lived. Every one of them is a Goat Pisces.

Goat Pisces Traits

You’re nothing else than a heap of impressions! Receptive, perceptive, extremely intuitive, you don’t reflect, you only feel. You learn everything without understanding, you know everything without learning!

You imaginative life harbors illusions of all kinds, with constant temptations of escape from reality and of irresponsibility. If you’re left to yourself, you can go adrift. Hence the importance of the ties you make, good or bad, since you’re very easily influenced. Generally, you expect suggestions and decisions from others, and you want to escape realities which frighten you. However, you can adapt yourself to everything, on condition to be compelled to.

Indolent, having little sense of money, you lead your material life by fits and starts. But you possess a flair and vivid intuitions which may prove useful in the domain of finance as well as in that of artistic creations. Sometimes, moved by a belief or strong feeling, you can devote yourself entirely to the ways of the mind.

In love, you willingly let yourself be captivated, and you give yourself away entirely. Union, just as marriage, can be exceptional if it’s based on mutual devotion and elevation of mind. But it can prove to be hell if there’s a lack of these elements.

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