Dragon Pisces

An intriguing combination of the sensitive and docile Pisces and the proud, powerful Dragon, one would expect those born under the sign of the Dragon Pisces to be more of a contradiction. In most cases, however, these two very different sets of personality traits work quite well together.

Dragon Pisces is the sign of the idealist. Creative, intuitive, and mysterious, Dragon Pisces are passionate about what they believe in. They try hard to be optimists who want to see the world as a happy place where good things are supposed to happen to good people. They are warm and loyal friends, and will do anything to help a friend or family member in need. At the same time, they expect this loyalty to be returned and have little problem demanding it. Above all things, Dragon Pisces want to be loved and admired.

Members of this sign may be prone to depression when inactive. With such strong ideals and a powerful sense of right and wrong, they are not well-suited to accepting things as they are. While such acceptance is often tied to the concept of realism, it just doesn’t seem to work well for their personalities. Dragon Pisces in particular need to be forward thinking, forward moving. They need a heartfelt purpose in life and need to see progress toward it. Even if they can’t change the world, they can, and should, do their part to make it better.

Dragon Pisces are sensitive. They spend a lot of time living in their own minds. In truth they prefer their perfect little fantasy worlds over reality, where they tend to feel a bit cheated by life. In their perfect world everyone is like them and their animal namesake - a small but potent light in the vast darkness.

Dragon Pisces Traits

You have magnetism profusely. No one can remain insensitive to your radiance. However, you tend to overdo the glorious side to your character, hence your mythomania and your boastfulness which may harm your charm and efficaciousness. Indeed, life often reserves you ordeals which compel you little by little to show yourself more humble, to assume your weaknesses gracefully. Your strong initial egocentrism also tends to give way to sincere altruism.

Sometimes you’ve healing or mediumistic gifts. But you’re somewhat blinded by appearances, which makes you live above your means or let yourself be deluded by easy money. You can achieve many things if you put good will into them. But you tend to give up in face of serious obstacles or if there’s too much competition. Your material life implies incessant ups and downs.

You’ve a great need of affection and love but do not always know exactly where your interest lies. All that glitters is gold for you, and you easily let yourself be taken in by shams. Questions of prestige and standing play a great role in your sentimental and conjugal life. You often experience a trying divorce. Your real happiness resides rather in free union.

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