Dog Pisces

Loyal, helpful, and creative, those born under the sign of the Dog Pisces are also some of the most sensitive individuals of the Zodiac. Dog Pisces spend much of their time lost in thought. They are both dreamers and idealists who would greatly prefer to live in an imaginary Utopia rather than have to suffer through the chaos and iniquity of the real world.

Dog Pisces are highly sensitive, both emotionally and intuitively. They take the pains of the world around them personally. In fact, they are so deeply affected by the problems of others that they can become easily overwhelmed, which can lead to depression, anxiety, and even addiction. Members of this sign have a very strong sense of justice, and a dedication to trust and loyalty that is unmatched among their peers.

Because of their sensitive nature, it is not unusual for Dog Pisces to seclude themselves from others for periods of time. This is not only time to recharge emotionally but also to work on one of their many creative projects. All Dog Pisces are artistic, though some may not exercise this part of their nature until later in life. While they are very friendly and trustworthy, Dog Pisces are not particularly outgoing. Still, many people are intrigued by them and so they usually find their place in a social scene. They play their role as the loyal and trustworthy friend and confidant well, though they are also known to be worriers and complainers who must take care not to allow themselves to be taken advantage of.

Dog Pisces Traits

One is often mistaken on your account for it’s not easy to know your real nature. One takes you for a cold person whereas in actuality you’ve a tender heart; one believes you to be a severe moralist but you’re basically a person who enjoys the pleasures of life. Moreover, you take certain pleasure in baffling others.

You look for responsibilities and make laudable efforts to assume them despite your basic weakness. Justice and honesty are the virtues which you intend to honor under all circumstances. There permanently exists within you a harsh conflict within a guilty conscience and a less moralistic nature. You’re diplomatic without trying to appear so, helped in this by a well developed sense of humor. But you would need to overcome your almost systematic distrust which isolates you.

You’ve a pronounced taste for literature, philosophy, medicine, publishing, and you can advantageously make a career in these domains. You must beware of your errors of judgment in financial matters. Your middle age is better favored materially than your youth. In any case, your fortune only comes through hard work.

You’re very faithful in love and manifestly made to assume responsibilities. One finds in you a peaceful partner who isn’t overdemanding although rather secret and a little gloomy. You don’t exteriorize your feelings much, but your attachments are strong and lasting.

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