Pisces Boys

This sign of the Zodiac is one continuous gentleness and consciousness. Pisces are sure that water is sharpening the stone — dictatorial habits and unrelenting cruelty to others are not at all necessary to achieve power. Watching neighbor’s guys tear down the anthills and pull at the braids of pretty girls, Pisces boys suffer — from their point of view it’s not at all fun. The Pisces boy is unlikely to lead in games, because he gives orders to him, and he prefers to fulfill his own desires independently.

Pisces Boy Personality

A child whose zodiac sign Pisces, in young years, hardly realizes his own ego — such children inherent in inherent altruism. In the process of growing up, the boy must learn to defend his own position and believe in his strength. Without proper confidence, he too often will be the target of outside attacks. In this case, parents not only need to teach the child independence, but also learn to accept his delicate, sensitive nature.

As the horoscope claims, Pisces has an unbridled fantasy, their inner world is filled with fantastic creatures and fairy-tale events. At the same time, the world created in the imagination is so delicate that the child is often unable to return from heaven to earth. The line between reality and fiction of Pisces is quite thin, often the game situations merge for them with everyday affairs.

Pisces Childhood

Pisces is perhaps the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, filled with mystical powers. The boy who represents this sign is sensitive and changeable in moods, his imagination is incredible, and the sensitivity of nature is simply amazing. This deep spirituality often removes the boy Pisces from his peers. Spending long hours in his own subconscious, the child can "get lost" in the real world. Nothing fatal - it’s just that he periodically has difficulties with simple domestic issues.

A kid whose sign of the Piscean of the Zodiac can "hang", reflecting on the dilemma - to eat an egg or porridge, to go with friends to the ice rink or with parents in the cinema. However, issues that require an intuitive solution, he does not cause difficulties. In turn, he is worried by knowledge, to which many children of his age do not even have a minimal interest. From him you can hear dumbfounded questions: "What will happen to me if I die? Did I have another life and who was I in it?"

Pisces boy — a real sponge, willingly absorbing and systematizing the vibrations that generate the surrounding. Therefore, the positive attitude of those who are close to them is important. Imagination of representatives of this sign can bring both benefit and harm. With positive moments, everything is clear — a well-developed imagination is an excellent tool for understanding the world. But at the same time, a child with such a subtle emotional organization sees and often hears what is not really — rustling monsters under the bed, knocking at the window of aliens from another planet.

The horoscope warns of the high suggestibility of children of this sign. It is enough to be very persuasive in communication to make such children believe in a lot — for example, that they are not so scary as they think, or that the overtaken illness will recede right now.

Pisces Schoolboy

Despite the increased susceptibility of the baby, the parents do not have any problems with it until it should be sent to school. Up to six or seven years the child does not experience problems with sleep, he does not conflict with others. Often the children of this sign have an imaginary friend, a faithful playmate. But the school, as the horoscope warns, is another matter. This institution is able to drive the representative of the sign into a shock state. Suddenly the representative of this constellation of the Zodiac is not up to imaginary friends, flights to the astral plane — the harsh truth of life with an alphabet, a blackboard, a strict teacher bursts into the land of fantasy.

However, the horoscope says that the child adapts quickly enough — he easily makes friends, attracting in his circle of friends loyal companions, ready to share his interests and beliefs. As for objects, it is easiest for such children to be given the knowledge that can provide answers to their questions and serve as food for the imagination.

If the child of this Zodiac constellation by the time of entering the school already has any hobbies, then before the fourteen-year period, they will acquire a more vivid color and become clearly pronounced. There is also a minus — the indecision inherent in the sign, will also manifest itself with renewed vigor. But the horoscope assures that while the child is surrounded by reliable loving people, there is no reason to fear for his spiritual organization.

Pisces Boys’s Youth

Horoscope warns — the growing period can have this sign of the Zodiac can become very dangerous, as a child, growing up and increasingly facing the difficulties of adulthood, trying to escape from it. And the ways of retreat can be very dangerous - narcotic and alcoholic substances, sex... But there is also a way to salvation — the horoscope suggests making a useful substitute, offering this creative spiritual personality lessons of painting, theatrical skill, music. It is very important that the grown up child does not lose confidence in his parents and knows that in the most difficult moments of life he has a strong reliable back and support.

As for the choice of profession, you will not envy the child or parents. Children of this sign have no idea what to do after graduation. Their intentions change with the speed of the wind, then the awakening hesitancy does not stop at anything concrete. Well, breathe with the child deeper, count to ten — and invite him to think calmly. In fact, the answers to all questions are already there, just for the right choice one should listen to the heart, then act.

Pisces Zodiac