Pisces Baby

Pisces-baby is like an angel — he looks at the world with wide-open eyes, and creates the feeling that he already knows a lot about him. In his view there is an attractive mystery — this is the only sign of the zodiacal constellation, which, being several weeks old, is able to contemplate this world for a long time, thinking about something. The baby will respond to every tender word, every caress, but he will be frightened by a rough gesture, sound, even an insufficiently affectionate touch. Crying baby-fishes is always very touching and quiet, as if complaining about what is happening around it. Often Pisces refuses to sleep in his crib, preferring to sleep with his parents — it is necessary to meet him and sometimes take him to his parent’s bed for a while. So the kid feels more secure, and it is not possible to break his fears with rude actions or principles, creating persistent phobias and an inferiority complex. As Pisces grows up, he himself will refuse to sleep with his parents, gaining confidence.

In no case do you need to raise a baby, like an exotic flower, fulfilling all his requests and protecting from the outside world. Parents need to gently but persistently acquaint Pisces with the surrounding, step by step enter into a great life, admire with him all the new and beautiful. Very soon Pisces, keen on knowing the world, will forget about most of his fears and become much more confident. Communication with people around Pisces is always smooth, but with different moods, he can, as he reaches out to meet communication, and actively avoid it, preferring self-study or games. Pisces is very often shy, and if parents do not pay attention to him, and do not instill self-confidence, then this shyness develops into an inferiority complex.

Pisces does not tend to start walking very early, run independently, study the world. Very often this baby begins to walk much later than other children of this age. But if you just show Pisces water, how the baby jumps in delight! Water — its elements, and for the adaptation of the baby will be very useful water procedures and swimming. By the school Pisces do not experience a special thrust, although they can rejoice at the first days of training, as an opportunity to demonstrate a new portfolio and school uniform. The cautious attitude of Pisces to the school is not at all connected with the reluctance to learn — rather, this is the reluctance to get into an unfamiliar situation. Fishes can not live on a schedule, and this division of time by calls does not have the child to creativity.

To live according to the regime parents must teach the child before the school, so that later they do not face the learning difficulties. It should be very tactful to explain the child the need to learn, and necessarily praise him for good results or small victories. Becoming older, Pisces will be more organized. Creativity should be present in any activity of Pisces, and they will try to surprise others, including teachers and classmates, with unusual performance of homework, beautifully written essays and even poems. As a rule, Pisces makes progress, studying in parallel at a music school, or the School of Arts.

Pisces Boys

Pisces are soft and conscious. In their evolution, they have outstripped the natures who spend time trying to assert their power through cruelty to others. When peers bully other children or destroy anthills, Pisces suffer, because they do not see anything amusing in contemplating others’ sufferings.

A boy born under the sign of Pisces is rarely a ringleader, since he is not one who gives orders and demands that his wishes be obeyed unconditionally. As a child, the Pisces boy does not immediately realize his ego: Pisces is a sign associated with altruism, however, in order to avoid attacks, he must develop self-confidence and ability to defend his needs and desires. Parents should teach the child to be able to stand up for themselves and believe in their strength, and yet — to accept and appreciate his sensitivity.

Pisces has a vivid imagination, and in childhood they live in an amazing world. They are full of fantasies, they like to invent new characters or imitate the already existing ones. Unlike landmarks that lack imagination, it can be difficult for Pisces to return to the real world. Games for them merge with worldly affairs. Mentally, they are able to make their lives more exciting.

Pisces Girls

The qualities inherent in Pisces — sensitivity, fantasy and compassion — are traditionally considered feminine, so the Pisces is easier to live with than boys who have to work hard to show men’s traits. Thoughts of Fishes overwhelm fantasies and dreams, and if in childhood they manage to show themselves creatively, they can constructively use sensitivity. The talent of the Pisces girls is their greatest ally, but it also represents a potential danger if there is no way out for him and imaginary life obscures the real one.

If your daughter was born under the sign of Pisces, a chameleon lives in your house: she becomes a nurse, then a model and a ballerina for an hour. Pisces so well perceive the nuances that they are able to transform into anyone, and impressionable nature allows them to reflect what they see in other people. In many respects, the Pisces girl is the mirror of the family, because she will show what she sees in you, but you need to encourage her to be herself, and not just a mirror.

Advice for parents of the Pisces-childs

The peculiarity of the Pisces character is that they are very much influenced from the outside, both positive and negative. It is unacceptable to shout at these children, let alone raise their hand on them. A very big influence on Pisces is provided by the company in which they are located, so parents should very carefully monitor their communication from early childhood.

The parents of these kids have a special mission — to become for them faithful, reliable comrades, support and support. Such children are timid and so compassionate that sometimes it goes beyond the reasonable. If the Pisces child looks at the cartoon with a touching plot, he will so empathize with the heroes that he will not soon be able to calm down and take up other things. This child is very difficult to do without the love and support of parents, helping older people be the starting point for his future success. If there is no mutual understanding or trust between children and parents, the children of this sign may lag behind in development.

At the same time, we must bear in mind that Pisces already in childhood like to invent non-existent problems — at least as a cover for their unwillingness to do anything. Being artistic, they are able to set the situation in a favorable light for themselves, are able to manipulate the elders. Hypersensitivity of Pisces should be a matter of special concern, but not anxiety: these children perfectly feel people and the atmosphere and can abuse this ability.

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