Pisces September 2020 Horoscope

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Feeling more driven to accomplish your aims, you can run into intensive power struggles with others who view you as a threat. Assess the manner in which you’re projecting yourself to strengthen your position.
Stress and tension increase, and it’s necessary to find ways to keep your energy flowing freely. Schedule a massage, foot reflexology treatment, or a session with your acupuncturist to release blocks.
Cooperation with others may not be easy, especially if you’re dealing with people you don’t really like or if you’re ending a relationship. If you’re not buying into somebody’s projections it will be easier to extract yourself. A different approach to your roles in partnership during the Moon on September 9 can contrast sharply with your old patterns. Intimacy issues are the theme of the Moon on September 25.
Getting rid of inventory that’s just taking up space or eliminating nonproductive situations at work leaves room for new ventures after September 12. Examine situations involving joint investments, and ifyou’re dissatisfied with a partnership agreement, renegotiate terms that suit you better from September 9 to 24. Eliminating debts and unnecessary financial burdens this month leaves room for expansion later on.
Dictates from superiors or changes in the company hierarchy can result in jockeying for power. Unless you really need to play, you might have more fun sitting back and watching.

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