Pisces October 2020 Horoscope

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Opening new vistas may seem highly important, and your dreams can inspire amazing creative endeavors on your part. Setting a schedule can help you accomplish your aims and realize true success.
Releasing energy and relaxing tension can be accomplished through activities that also strengthen your body. Incorporate stretching and relaxation into your regular routine. Team sports or a fitness class can be fun after October 18.
Achieving greater harmony in partnerships brings amazing peace of mind after October 7. You may have your greatest success by focusing on your ideals and spiritual aims. Even if your path is different from that of your significant other, by honoring the sanctity of your individual choices, your love grows. Talk about your deeper needs, and allow time to create ecstasy together during the Moon on October 24.
If you re happy with your work you may welcome the challenges now, and if not, the greatest challenge may arise from making a change to a better position and a different situation. Publishing, advertising, or educational pursuits bring success now, and working with others who share your interests offers a chance to influence positive changes within your community. Professional alliances play an important role after October 18.
Your moral and ethical values dictate the best choices, and your devotion and faith in yourself and your ideals inspires the respect of others.

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