Pisces November 2020 Horoscope

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Political concerns and community projects provide an excellent opportunity to make a difference in the world. Your ideals inspire others and you may also feel that you’re finally experiencing a chance to use the things you’ve been learning.
Enjoying rejuvenating experiences and seeking out holistic therapies, you’re ready to feel whole and alive. A new perspective on chronic problems may arise from experimenting with alternative treatments.
Awareness that your intimate relationship may benefit from a different approach to your sexual needs may prompt you to explore the energy you share through activities like tantra during the Moon on November 7. Accomplishing a true sense of spiritual union and emotional harmony is your goal. Family and home are also changing, and some of the issues that were difficult in the spring may seem more manageable now.
Aligning yourself with others who share your special interests can be remarkably satisfying, but you can become over-committed if you keep saying yes to all those volunteer activities! Determine your priorities to avoid having to back out at the last minute, disappointing others and yourself. You’re posturing for a career challenge during the Moon on November 23, and you can be successful if you understand why you’re doing it!
Since Mercury is retrograding from November 4 to 24, you may slow your progress a bit, but this cycle gives you a chance to review material or fine-tune your skills, giving you the leading edge.

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