Pisces May 2019 Horoscope

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Working cooperatively with others may be easier said than done, but you're ready to try, especially ifyou see a way to lightenyour load. Casual acquaintances may prove to be more influential than you realized. Competitive sports can be a positive challenge now. At the very least, set some real fitness goals, since even competing with your old habits can be invigorating.

If your partnership has been on rocky ground lately, this may be a good time to mend it. The Moon on the 6th stimulates fresh ideas, and you may find a better way to communicate with your sweetheart. Whether you're starting a new relationship or deeply involved in an existing commitment, you may need to determine the best way to stabilize your situation.

Inviting someone into your personal space can say a lot about how you feel. You may have a second chance at something you thought to be a lost cause, but before you raise your hopes, decide if it's still worthwhile. It's easy to be deceived by what you want to see until after the 14th, so take a careful look at details, and if you're uncertain, wait.

A new opportunity may emerge after the Moon on the 22nd—or your ambitions may be leading you into a new direction. Avoid rushing. You could miss something important. Your creative inspiration from the 1st—10th can stimulate a new wave of productivity. Listen to your intuitive voice in all matters. Facts alone can be deceiving!

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