Pisces May 2020 Horoscope

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Financial matters may need extra consideration, especially if you’re dealing with long-term contracts or establishing budgets for an important project. Unexpected expenditures can drain your reserves if you’re unprepared.
Destructive habits or self-indulgent attitudes can take their toll, and if you’re to overcome the limitations created by overdoing it, you may have to scale back on the things that aren’t good for you. Look for rewards that make you feel good—but won’t shorten your life expectancy!
Making time for the pleasurable experiences that make sweet memories adds mileage to your intimate relationship. Consider an excursion away from the ordinary during the Moon on May 15, and find ways to indulge in your favorite fantasies. If you’re in the market for new love, the potentials are promising since you’re feeling more playful. Changes at home or alterations in the family hierarchy can be unnervrng during the Moon on May 30.
If you’re developing or fine-tuning your talents, you’re likely to feel good about utilizing them and allowing others to enjoy your offerings. You may even attract support or participation from others that allows you to move ahead more quickly. Pay attention to costs — time and money — before jumping into an agreement or financial arrangement. You don’t want to short-change yourself!
Investments or speculation can be profitable, but only if you can afford any risks involved. Impetuous spending or gambling is likely to backfire.

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