Pisces March 2019 Horoscope

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The Pisces solar eclipse on the 8th may add intensification to an emerging crisis, but can also mark a time of letting go of the past. It's time to surrender your life to your highest needs, instead of making compromises that put someone else in charge.

By resolving to become more attentive to your needs on every level, you can create exceptional amounts of energy. Ignoring any aspect of yourself is costly now. Concentrate on making your life whole.

You may feel much more willing to be open about your needs, hopes, and wishes, and if you've been reluctant to look honestly at your love life, you may now sense that you have no choice. Not only is it easier to express your feelings, but it's also easier to attract what you want from the 1st—22nd. If you find that your changing needs are at odds with someone else mid-month, try to achieve a balance so that you both win in the process.

Finances appear to be strong from the 1st—20th.

The hole in the picture involves taxes, debts, or obligations you may have been postponing. Near the time of the lunar eclipse on the 23rd, your situation becomes clear. Although you might get some help from an interested party, you may also run into power struggles. Before you agree, find out all the details about the costs. It may not be worthwhile!

Allow your creative talents to speak for themselves from the 1st—17th, when you may also attract the attention of someone whose influence is beyond measure.

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