Pisces March 2020 Horoscope

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Misunderstandings can spoil personal and professional situations, but if you make an effort to clarify, confirm, and follow through, you may actually accomplish more than you intended! Education, travel, or the courts can play a significant role this month.
Altering your daily routine to accommodate unexpected changes can give you a fresh perspective on the best ways to improve your health. Getting into nature can be invigorating, but you may have to make adjustments for climate.
Partnerships and your needs in these matters are emphasized during the Moon on March 2, although you may have lost patience if you’re in a difficult relationship. Healing old wounds and releasing the past are helpful, but sometimes it’s hard to forgive. Love fares better during the Pisces Moon on March 17, when you’re beyond delusion. If your fascination and excitement don’t kick in, that’s okay. This period is about reality.
During Mercury’s retrograde cycle from March 10 through April 2, you may be retracing your steps instead of making new inroads. This can be progress, and even though you maybe tempted to expand your outreach it’s a good idea to keep things simple and think conservatively. Finances fare best from March 1 to 9. Safeguard your belongings after March 20, when it’s easier to lose things or leave yourself vulnerable to intrusion..
Review legal agreements. You may uncover valuable information, and if you’re completing an arrangement you can be sure you’ve satisfied your obligations before the Moon on March 31.

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