Pisces July 2019 Horoscope

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Although you may spend a lot of time working, creative inspiration can add to your enjoyment of even the most mundane tasks. Be aware of others' demands and expectations, but keep your boundaries.

By adopting a more positive and self-confirming attitude, you can improve your physical health. Remind yourself to smile. Laugh frequently. This is also a good time to learn more about your body and the best way to care for yourself.

Give yourself time to enjoy a romantic interlude from the 1st—8th, planning something special for the Moon on the 4th. You may even begin a romance, although reality may stimulate feelings of disappointment. Take another look at your vision for the perfect love, and allow room for the human factor.

But eliminate attitudes that put your personal needs behind everything else. Open your heart to receiving love during the Moon on the 19th.

Put your imagination into changes to your work environment that will add something special, comfortable, and inviting.

Relationships at work can be a little tense, particularly if there is someone new to add to the picture, but you may make a friend in the process. Joint finances can be contentious all month, but your viewpoints and your partner's can differ radically after the 20th. Know what you want.

Adopting a more cooperative and tolerant attitude can make a big difference in your level of contentment. Try to balance what you give and what you receive.

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