Pisces July 2018 Horoscope

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Harmony can once again prevail at home after July 4th. Your attitude toward family members becomes more positive. You may think about relocation or home renovation after the 21st when Jupiter enters your 4th house. After the 19th, Pluto’s influence brings determination and tested beliefs that change your outlook for the better. Creativity and determination are productive combinations from the 1st through the 18th when you throw yourself into creative projects.
The Moon on the 13th falls in your 5th house of children, love affairs, and entertainment. Plan an intimate party and invite close friends. Enthusiasm centers around child related activities. As you get closer to one younger than yourself, you let the child in you emerge.
On the 12th, Mercury enters your 5th house of romance and you could begin a love affair with a Virgo or a Cancer. You’re surrounded by people with younger ideas and novel approaches to life. You may have a leaning toward history, antiques, and flea markets. Your sentimental side will be stimulated.
On the 13th, Mars enters your financial sector and you’re motivated to make and spend money. In any negotiations, you will drive a hard bargain and may find it difficult to share possessions with others for fear of losing something of value. You’ll have to put other things ahead of family from die 8th—11th. There are more important issues at stake here and family sacrifices can be justified. After the 22nd think of ways to beautify your work space.
The Moon on die 29th falls in your 12th house of contemplation. You could feel emotionally overwhelmed and jump to conclusions that are unfounded. Some therapy may be advisable. Seek out an objective friend or counselor.

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Pisces July 2018 Horoscope
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