Pisces July 2020 Horoscope

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Whether you’re learning new skills, incorporating new technology, working with different people, or exploring cultural interests—this is a time to open new vistas for your creativity and self-expression.
Connecting with nature — in activities like a wilderness adventure, hiking, rafting, or gardening — brings your spirit in harmony with your environment and helps to balance your physical energy. These needs are especially strong during the Moon’s eclipse on July 28.
Love is definitely high on your priority list, and you’re driven to find the spiritual link between yourself and another. Awakening to the transcendent qualities of love during the Moon on July 12, you also uncover elements of your self that have been previously unfulfilled. It’s time to surrender to the power of love, and by allowing it to flow more freely through your life not only are relationships better, but everything else takes on a lovely glow, too.
Attending conferences, sharing your ideas with others, immersing yourself in serious study, or studying with a master teacher can bring your life work to a new pinnacle. Mercury’s retrograde from July 12 to August 5 is complicated by other cycles that can assist your ability to learn, but may inhibit your ability to teach effectively. Problems at work can reach a critical point during the lunar eclipse on July 28.
Surrendering to the flow, much like rafting through the rapids, requires blending your energy with the energy of the time. Fighting the flow now just makes you exhausted.

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