Pisces January 2018 Horoscope

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You are busy attending to professional or community activities as the year begins. Assertive people cross your path and you learn much about handling delicate situations in public. You could also come under attack from a competitor. Yet, your past achievements speak for themselves so don’t be so eager to defend yourself. Avoid friendly debates and wagers from the 4th-l 1th. You’ll exceed your limits and common sense goes out the window. By month’s end you’re ready for rest and relaxation. Maybe you can arrange a vacation or hiatus.
The Moon on the 19th promises increased social activity. You may even get involved with group activities or be asked to assume a leadership role with an organization. You’ll discover a business connection with some new friends youll meet at a social gathering.
Venus moves out of your 12th house of obscurity into your 1st house of popularity on the 15th and doubts about your love prowess disappear. People respond to your warmth and you feel more confident and self-assured. A dynamic Scorpio or cozy Cancer may be in the picture. This relationship intensifies aorund the 25th when being together is your mutual objective.
Be frugal around friends. You’re especially vulnerable around the 4th and again near the 11th. Fortunately, your career is blossoming. Achievements are attained through sheer determination and courage. You can sell yourself or your wares. Ask for a raise, promotion, favor, or privilege.
The Moon on the 3rd catches you off guard. A crisis with a young person releases the tension. Behavioral guidelines should be mutually established and followed.

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Pisces January 2018 Horoscope
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