Pisces February 2020 Horoscope

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Exceptional levels of creative energy stimulate your need to express yourself more freely and fully. As a result, your self-esteem glows and you attract positive attention, greater recognition for your abilities, and more satisfying rewards for your efforts.
Your vitality improves, but you may need to increase your activity levels to dissipate some of the nervous energy that can keep you on edge. Flowing, flexible movements feel good: Maybe it’s time to dance more!
The alchemy of love in your life allows the beautiful and uplifting qualities you share to emerge more fully, but hidden issues or unhealthy bonds are also exposed. It’s time to free yourself from attachments that rob your spirit. Let go of old hurts and ride the wave of ecstasy that arises from true liberation. Knowing how you feel, listen to your dreams during the solar eclipse on February 16. You may be amazed with the revelation.
Your talents speak for themselves, although anyone jealous of your abilities or position may try to undermine your success early in the month. Your unflappable ease reflects grace and honor, and you rise to the occasion. With Venus and Mercury in your sign this month, your intentions shine and it’s a great time to showcase your talents and share your ideas. Finances improve, too, but you have to spend your resources wisely.
Whether you’re attending business conferences or traveling for pleasure, getting outside your usual realm expands your influence and broadens the possibility for recognition.

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