Pisces December 2020 Horoscope

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Although you could think of this period as career-oriented, it is really more life-path directed. The decisions and actions you’re undertaking now may stem from long-held dreams and desires. Open to the possibility of a limitless vista!
You’re likely to need extra time for rejuvenation and rest, and since this is a time to work on your inner self you may wonder how you can do that and accomplish your tasks in the world, too. Maintaining your emotional boundaries can help you feel more vital and alive.
You’re doing some emotional house-cleaning this month — letting go of situations and people you’ve outgrown and releasing attitudes that inhibit your growth. Gaining a fresh perspective on your needs during the Moon on December 7, you may want to talk over your concerns or plans with a close friend to strengthen your resolve. Romance during the Moon on December 22 can lead to a deeper commitment.
Business meetings or presentations provide a splendid opportunity from December 1 to 11. Creative or artistic expressions can open doors for you after December 6, although some may not understand your meaning and may need a little guidance to get into the flow. Travel can inspire new alternatives for you this month, and your professional alliances work to your benefit after December 21. Safeguard your belongings from December 6 to 18.
Legal proceedings and educational matters show excellent promise. Your reputation can also improve if you remain consistent in your attitudes.

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