Pisces August 2020 Horoscope

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Changes at work can be especially tiying, and you have the best success concentrating on finishing up an old project before you attempt an entirely new one. You may also face a philosophical challenge. It could just be a test!
Increase your awareness of your body. It’s imperative, because spacing out too frequently or being inattentive can lead to accidents or injuries. Avoid high-risk activities this month.
You’re taking a second look at partnership. You may discover that as your needs have changed, your feelings have transformed. You may expect more from love, but when you have unrealistic expectations about a person your over-idealism can be a setup. Make room to share your deepest needs and to listen to the needs of the one you love. Bringing your life back into harmony during the Pisces Moon on August 26 can be life-altering.
Even after Mercury turns direct on August 5, there may still be problems with equipment failures, and clear communication may seem like a chore. Interruptions in your schedule and changes at work require you to use your flexibility during the solar eclipse on August 11. If you appear weak, others may try to take advantage, so stay on your toes. Contracts may be difficult to negotiate this month, and legal matters are filled with delays.
Make an effort to clarify what’s expected from you at work, and use this time to improve your work environment. Eliminate things that get in the way of your productivity.

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