Pisces August 2018 Horoscope

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Friends encourage you to be indulgent around the 3rd. Someone may be promising you the moon around the 14th and you become wise to this person’s mode of operation by the 28th. You can learn some new business techniques and brush-up on your communication skills by acquiring printed information around the 30th.
On the 12th, the Moon promises productivity with your daily tasks. Adding artistic touches to your work space greatly improves your attitude and helps you to be more efficient.
Venus enters your 5th house of love, romance, and partying on the 6th. You could get emotionally attached to a Cancer or a Scorpio and declare your love on the 18th. A broken date around the 27th or the 28th leaves you disappointed, but not for long. There’s so much romance this month that you won’t find yourself alone.
A boss may not appreciate you to the fullest on the 2nd or the 3rd. By the 10th, though, you could be in line for a raise or promotion. Your powers of concentration and ability to make good judgments are emphasized from the 10th through the 19th. By the 30th, you can be reestablished as an authority or an expert in your field.
The Moon on the 27th falls in your sign and you feel enthusiastic and emotionaL Your behavior is puzzling to your partner who is caught off guard by your silly antics. You can let the child in you emerge and still be sensible and practical. Look to music, concerts, water sports and meditation to help you maintain the equilibrium.

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Pisces August 2018 Horoscope
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