Pisces April 2020 Horoscope

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Your ability to maintain sufficient detachment from situations you cannot change is strengthened, but you need to concentrate on your responses to them. Communication and travel are emphasized, but may not be without frustration.
Building strength and stamina adds to your productivity and also helps diminish stress. Spending time close to home can soothe your jangled nerves, but you might also find a limited trip a refreshing alternative.
Distancing from a sibling who seems to misunderstand your ideals or motivations may be the only way to live with your relationship for now, especially if there’s old resentment playing into the picture. In matters of the heart, you need a reason to open to more spiritual levels with your intimate other.
A retreat or vacation near the Moon on April 30 could bring you closer, but if control games are a problem you won’t enjoy yourself at all.
Some of your old networking allies may flake out on you, so if you’re counting on someone to come through with support you need to clarify your expectations and determine if they’re still willing to help. Setting up a budget, clearing up financial concerns and taking action to improve your bottom line works wonders during the Moon on April 15, although you need to double-check figures if you’re signing contracts.
If you’ve been unhappy with a contractual arrangement, then it’s time to either change it or get out. It’s easier to accomplish this end between April 15 and 30.

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