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Pisces, June 2020 is here and you are on fire. Your energy is ignited, your goals are within reach, and above all, you believe that you are unstoppable.

Mars, the planet of passion and drive, resides within your zodiac sign (your solar first house), gifting you with confidence, sexual magnetism, and hunger. This transit doesn’t happen often. In fact, it happens but once every two years. It’s of the utmost importance that you utilize this power to your greatest magnitude and push toward everything that resides within your soul. Whether it’s love, success, community, or true happiness, you must use your strength now to create that reality around you. Do not settle. Take charge and command. This isn’t like you, Pisces, as you’re typically a more gentle soul. That doesn’t matter, though. It is your time.

This is clear instantly as the month begins, when a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius (your solar tenth house) on June 5 ignites your name in the sky. Eclipses mark destined and pivotal moments in our lifetime, and for you, this is all about rising in success, power, and achievement. You are so tremendously blessed, Pisces, because not only do you have people around you who believe in you and wish to support you, but the universe wants you to go even higher.

This is the first eclipse in a pattern that will echo later this year and on into 2021. You will rise faster than you can fly as long as you have worked hard and continue to work persistently. The impact you leave on the world has yet to be felt, but it is coming as long as you synthesize your talents and your strategy.

Later in the month, on the twentieth, a solar eclipse in Cancer (your solar fifth house) is pushing you to set your spirit free and fly into passionate new directions. For some Pisces, this will signal that you fall in love with someone new or announce a birth or pregnancy. Some Pisces could be channeling the muse into new creative endeavors. Open your heart at this time. You won’t regret it.

Last to mention this month but still important is that many of the planets will be retrograde. Venus, planet of love and beauty, dances backward through much of the month. This shows that you may reconnect with friends or contacts from the past. Mercury, planet of the mind, will spin off the rails on June 17 for the rest of the month, confusing your mind, perhaps in relation to romantic ideals but definitely in relation to all clarity (your solar fifth house). Use your intuition at this time to sail through both the days and the nights. You will prevail.

Standout days: 7, 10, 16, 25
Challenging days: 3, 20, 30

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