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With Mars, the planet of energy, activating your financial sector until early 2021, all Pisces are being taught a great deal about money (solar second house). On the positive side of things, this could bring you much more, especially if you are working hard and fighting for it. Contrarily, though, this may indicate that you are spending money and savings rapidly and can barely keep it within your grasp. If you need help, reach out to a financial adviser or accountant to guide your way.

August should be quite a busy month for the most part, except that the full moon on August 3 may demand you take a step back, rest, and relax. This full moon emphasizes healing, privacy, and solitude (solar twelfth house). However, this may also signal that you’re working steadily behind the scenes on an important project that is not yet ready to see the light of day. Just be careful not to burn yourself out!

The sun and Mercury will energize your productivity sector throughout much of the month, though, so it’s likely you’re quite needed on the job (solar sixth house). If looking for work, the new moon on the eighteenth may signal that a hiring manager finally reaches out to you.

The first weeks of this month are also excellent for improving your diet or fitness goals, so consider how you can add this to your routine.

Finally, as the sun moves into your partnership sector on the twenty-second, prepare to feel your relationships heat up (solar seventh house). The current standing in your partnerships—whether business or romantic—will come into your awareness in the month ahead. Negotiations may also occur during this time. However, if you’re single and looking, you have an opportunity to attract someone who will be more likely to stand at your side.

Standout days: 18, 27, 29
Challenging days: 4, 25, 30

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